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Requirements and Helpful Info

Looking for the Winter Camp Overview?

We’re so excited to have your students come to Hume Lake Winter Camp! Below is all the pertinent information you’ll need, including all required registration forms. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us:

Hume Registration

Hume Information


Please thoroughly read through and respond to the following information. Please download or complete each section below. The sections are in order by due date, just work your way down! Of course, completing any section before the due date is highly encouraged.

Campership Application

Required: No
5 weeks before camp
Only required if the student in need is wanting to submit a request. Parents are now able to complete a simplified version of our Campership application for their student(s) in need during their online registration process. As the group administrator, you will not need to do anything extra or log into a separate website to have your families complete a Campership application.

For more information about Camperships, visit

Online Roster

Required: YES
5 weeks before camp
Follow these instructions for the greatest success.
▸ Log In to Your Account

Final Count Form

Required: YES
4 weeks before camp
If submitted after the deadline, a $50 charge will be assessed.
▸ Complete Final Count Form

Insurance Certificate Form

Required: YES
4 weeks before camp
▸ Download Insurance Certificate Form


Final Balance

Required: YES
2 weeks before camp

To pay by check, you may mail payment to the Hume location you are attending.

Mail To: 

Hume Lake Christian Camps
ATTN: Registration
64144 Hume Lake Rd.
Hume, CA 93628

To find your remaining balance, or to pay online, log into your Online Account and click "View All Statements."

Cancellation Policy

We have updated our Cancellation Policy to reflect the following changes:

  1. Canceling a spot will forfeit the full deposit for what the spot deposit is at the time of the cancellation.
  2. If we are able to fill your spot off of the waiting list up until 4 weeks prior to your date of arrival for camp then we will only charge a $5/spot cancellation fee.

Health Screening Form

Required: YES
Must be completed within 24 hours of arriving at camp.
Due: At check-in upon arrival. Please designate one (1) licensed professionals (Doctor, Nurse, PA, or NP) to ask screening questions, take temperature and sign each form. Please have this person contact our Nurse Manager at least one week prior to check-in.

▸ Download Health Screening Form

Park Entrance Pass (Hume Lake ONLY)

Print and distribute one pass for each vehicle coming to camp. This pass is provided to prevent confusion when passing through the Sequoia/Kings Canyon National Park on your way to Hume. Present this at the park entrance booth to avoid being charged the park visiting fee. Please note that this is not a pass for access to visit the National Park. It is ONLY to pass through the park to get to Hume Lake. It only allows a vehicle to drive non-stop through the 4 miles section of the park on your way to Hume Lake Christian Camps.
▸ Download the Park Entrance Pass

Camper Medication

You can locate your church’s Medication Administration Record (MAR) from your Online Account. This is a list of medications you should expect to collect. Please collect ALL medications, vitamins and supplements, except epi-pens, rescue inhalers & diabetic supplies. (Don't worry if it's not listed on the MAR, we can add it at camp!) All medication needs to be in its original container & in a Ziploc bag. Write your church name & each student's name in Sharpie on the bag. You’ll turn medications into our health center staff at check-in when you arrive, so please collect medications before campers load up into vehicles.

Check-In at Hume

Check-in for church/group administrators or leaders who will have the required paperwork, medications, and payment for the church.

Hume Lake (Hume, CA)
Check-in Location: The OK Chalet (Cedar Hall)
Time: 3:00 PM

Hume SoCal (Green Valley Lake, CA)
Check-in Location: The Welcome Center
Time: 3:00 PM

Hume New England (Monterey, MA)
Check-in Location: TBD
Time: 3:00 PM

About the Winter Camp Theme

 This winter we will dive into the story of Jonah. For many of us this story is familiar and we may find Jonah’s attempt to run from God and the fits he throws along the way ridiculous. However, we miss that our hearts are more similar to Jonah’s than we may realize. Jonah determined, in his heart and mind, who he thought was worthy of the love of God. However, scripture tells us that God desires that none perish but all come to repentance. It is not ours to decide who is worthy of the compassion, grace, mercy, and love of God.

Our hope is that as students hear the story of Jonah communicated, they would come to a deeper understanding of the grace and mercy that is displayed by God toward undeserving sinners like ourselves and that our hearts should reflect God’s heart for the lost. As our hearts are transformed, our response as disciples of Christ is to communicate the good news of Jesus Christ to a world that desperately needs Him.

Theme Verse

Romans 10:11-15

For the Scripture says, “Everyone who believes in him will not be put to shame.” For there is no distinction between Jew and Greek; for the same Lord is Lord of all, bestowing his riches on all who call on him. For “everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.”

How then will they call on him in whom they have not believed? And how are they to believe in him of whom they have never heard? And how are they to hear without someone preaching? And how are they to preach unless they are sent? As it is written, “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news!”

We Need You!

Whether it be your first time counseling or you are a seasoned vet, you and your team play such an important role here at camp and in the lives of your students. We know your schedules are full and busy, but we highly recommend you plan a time together with your counselors before camp; we believe the payoff will be well worth the investment. Plan to meet a week or so before you come to Hume. Please read through 1 Peter 3:18 and Luke 15:11-32 together, discuss how these verses have impacted you personally, pray together for each other and for your students, walk through the basics of the schedule, activities, etc.

Your counselors will be in cabins leading discussions after each chapel. Our hope is for you to come alongside your team, training each of them how to counsel students, making sure they know where to take students in the Word while communicating the Gospel. Once you arrive at camp, things can get crazy—filled with so many fun activities there won’t be ample time to sit with your staff. We want them to arrive equipped to serve to their fullest ability.

We are praying for you as you begin to prepare for camp and for the students that will be coming with you. We are excited to see how the Lord works through this theme and in the hearts and minds of your students.

Winter Camp Counselor Training Videos

Activities and Recreation

Here at Hume, we live for one thing: clearly presenting the Gospel to today’s youth. To help us in this mission, we want to capture students' attention, win their trust, and let them be kids! We accomplish this in part through our recreation games and tournaments. In addition to creating space for campers to burn off some energy and loosen up, these competitions create an awesome opportunity for you to build trust and bond with your students through having a lot of fun together. Check out the events that we have planned for your groups!

Broom Hockey

Brooms. Pucks. Ice. It's like Ice Hockey, but with brooms. 


  1. Teams may be comprised of several churches and/or one church may have several teams.
  2. Each team consists of 8 campers. Campers may only play for one team in the tournament
  3. No co-ed teams; guys play guys and girls play girls
  4. Counselors may not play in camper tournaments
  5. Registering teams will take place during Saturday morning breakfast

**Special Note: Some youth groups select their teams and team names before coming up to camp and make t-shirts or bring costumes to enhance team spirit. It may or may not help your game, but one thing is for sure, you will look and feel awesome!

Boxsled Blitz

On the last night of camp, we enjoy the Boxsled Blitz Competition which takes place on our tube run.


  1. Each church is allowed to send down 1 boxsled.
  2. Your boxsled must have at least 2, but no more than 6 riders.
  3. You are ONLY allowed to use duct tape and cardboard to create your Boxsled...nothing else!!! You will get docked points for painting or for putting anything else on your Boxsled other than duct tape and cardboard.
  4. Boxsleds can be built before coming up to Hume, but hopefully students can put finishing touches while here at camp.
  5. We will have some additional cardboard and duct tape here at Hume for you to purchase if you run out!
  6. Judging is based on creativity of the boxsled and the quality of the jump—which means different things to different judges.

Additional Activities

Escape Room - $10/person
The Escape Room is a great relationship-building activity to experience with your students. It is another indoor activity option, and an all-around good time! Sign up Friday night during free time in the OK Chalet.

Snow Play - FREE
Whether we have a snow filled season or not, our snow blowers work hard to keep snow on the ground! We have snow play areas that you and your students can organize a massive snowball fight or build your own army of snowmen.

Ice Skating - FREE
Join us in “The Ark” during free time for some serious time of competitive ice skating with the olympic hopefuls scouted here at camp.. nah! Just come as you are, ability to skate or not, and our activities staff will set you up with skates to join the fun!

Tube Run - FREE
During free time we have a giant sled run that towes you up, up and away to the top and our activities staff is there to greet you and send you down the run. We supply the tubes, just come and enjoy the fun!

Snowboard Run - FREE
Weather permitting, head to the “Saw Mill” for fire pits, hanging out and snowboarding! We supply all the gear needed to partake in this glorious pastime activity!

OK Chalet and Tatonka the Mechanical Buffalo - FREE
The OK Chalet is a lovely place to warm up from the cold and enjoy some delicious eats while watching people take on Tatonka, the Mechanical Buffalo! Also inside the OK Chalet we have Ping Pong, Foosball and an overall enjoyable atmosphere to hang out with your students!

The Giant Swing—$5 per jump
A huge, high-flying, single-person swing Located in Meadow Ranch. Our Activities Staff secures you into a safety harness, hoists you among the trees and then releases you to swing over Meadow Ranch.

Indoor Reball - $5 per 20 minutes of play
An activity that was new to us last year, coming back to Winter Camp this year! Rally a team of 8 and sign up Friday night inside the OK Chalet, or show up individually on Saturday during free time to get placed on a team, if spots allow. Indoor Reball is essentially paintball, without the paint! Instead of paintballs, rubber balls are used as the ammunition.

Getting Here

REQUIRED - Bring chains for your vehicle(s)

Make sure ALL of your vehicles have chains/cables with them—even if you are driving a 4-wheel drive—and your driver is prepared to install them if necessary. If you are using buses, please contact the company and make sure the driver is aware and has chains with them before you head up the mountain. You may not be let into the park if you do not have chains, which means you are headed back down the hill to Fresno to buy some. Our General Store only has a limited quantity of chains as well, so please come prepared beforehand.

Park Entrance Pass (Hume Lake Only)

Print and distribute one pass for each vehicle coming to camp. This pass is provided to prevent confusion when passing through the Sequoia/Kings Canyon National Park on your way to Hume. Present this at the park entrance booth to avoid being charged the park visiting fee. Please note that this is not a pass for access to visit the National Park. It is ONLY to pass through the park to get to Hume Lake. It only allows a vehicle to drive non-stop through the 4 miles of the park on your way to Hume Lake Christian Camps.
▸ DOWNLOAD the Park Entrance Pass

Winter Driving Tips

Caltrans provides a Winter Driving Guide to help make your winter driving experience safe and pleasant. If you've never driven in winter weather before, be sure to check it out.
You can also check on the current Highway 180 road conditions or check out our webcams.

Check-In at Hume

When you arrive you will want to check-in at the OK Chalet beginning at 3:00 pm. If arriving after 6:00 pm, please come to the Welcome Center. This is for church administrators, pastors, or leaders who will have the required paperwork, medications, and payment for the church.

Call us if you'll be arriving after 6:00 PM

Keep in mind that your drive might take longer than usual. Have parents pack a snack for their campers just in case there’s an unforeseen delay. If you drive onto Highway 180 (from either Fresno or Visalia) after 6:00 PM, you won’t arrive until after 7:30 PM, so please give us a call at 559-305-7770 so we can have our Food Service team keep dinner warm for you. 🙂