The Hume SoCal Story

San Bernardino Mountains

Our History

At the turn of the century, Green Valley Lake Christian Camp was originally a logging camp called Lightning Dale. Much of the timber that came from the property was used to build crates for orange groves and provide wood for the town of San Bernardino. In the 1940s, the grounds were home to Larry’s Boys Camp because of its scenic hiking trails in the San Bernardino National Forest. During this time, springs and wells were built that are still on-site today. The Boy Scouts of America purchased the property and utilized the grounds for their Boy Scout camp from 1950-1980.

Over time, the camp was abandoned and went into disrepair until Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa purchased the grounds in the 1980s. For twenty-five years, Pastor Chuck Smith desired to have a Christian camp, and after prayerfully seeking God’s provision and direction for the property, Green Valley Lake Christian Camp broke ground in 1991.

In 2020, Calvary Chapel felt God’s call to release the camp, so they reached out to Hume Lake Christian Camps and forged a unique partnership. Today, Hume Lake Christian Camps is leasing the property in harmony with Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa.

Through it all, the goal has not changed: to provide a place where God’s people can be refreshed and the gospel of Christ can be proclaimed throughout the year!

The Rest of the Story

Hume Lake Christian Camps

Hume’s ministry has followed the leading of God to expand its reach to include camps in New England, Hawaii, San Diego, and internationally through partnerships as well as short-term missions trips. Wherever God leads, the mission is still the same.

The retreat center at Hume Lake Christian Camps is dedicated to the glory of God and the proclaiming of the Kingdom of His Son, Jesus our Savior. Since that first summer of camping in 1946, more than a million young people and adults have been exposed to God’s love and wonderful plan for their lives through Hume’s ministry.

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