Hume Camperships

Need a little financial help this summer?

For over half a century, caring individuals have donated money to make camp at Hume Lake more affordable to those who need a little help.

It’s a camp scholarship with a Hume twist to it. It exists due to the generosity of people who love you—sight unseen—enough to donate $ to help you get to camp if the cost is a bit steep for you.

We determine eligibility by the information we receive in your application.

Nope! It’s not hard at all. 🙂 And if you have any questions about it, feel free to email Hume Registration and ask away!

Through our application, you let us know how much help you need, and then we evaluate and let you know how much we can offer—up to half of the cost of camp!

If you attend a church that comes to Hume Lake, contact your youth leader at church and ask about a Hume Campership. If you’re not part of a church that comes to Hume Lake, please contact our Guest Relations team!

Email Guest Relations

Donate to the Hume Campership Fund!


Please contact Hume Registration // // 1-800-965-4863

Please contact Hume Registration // 1-800-965-4863

Please contact
Hume Registration


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