Hume Creative Arts Conference


October 26-29, 2023

Cultivating the arts and supporting artists who are putting their hands to work for the glory of God

A place for artists, musicians, storytellers, and creators to gather together and cultivate their creative gifts, to encourage one another, and be newly equipped to illuminate the world with the goodness, truth, and beauty of Jesus.

2023 Presenters and Workshops Coming Soon!

2022 Workshop Presenters

Jerry Root

Jerry Root

Speaker / Writer / Professor

Elisa Watson


Jeff Lilley

Journalist / Writer / Teacher

Dominic Nuncio

Worship Leader

Darin McWatters

Darin McWatters

Speaker / Writer / Singer

Leah Petersen


Norm Daniels


Michal Strawbridge


Brian Petersen


Randall Goodgame


2022 Workshops

Presented by Randall Goodgame

Join Randall as he unpacks the mystery of songwriting, and learn to tell the truth with confidence through song.

Presented by Leah Petersen

Explore relief printing using cross-sections of local Hume trees as media, along with ink and paper. Leah will demonstrate her process of preparing a tree round for printing by sanding and burning a cross-section of wood as well as the hand printing process. Participants will be able to create unique tree prints to take with them.

Presented by Elisa Watson

Words are tools and, like any tool, there are better and worse ways to use them! When used effectively, words can entertain us, make us think deeply, inspire us, bring us to tears, and tell us about God. Some people have a natural way with words and others have to work a little harder at it but luckily – as with physical tools – we all get better the more we practice. In this workshop we won’t be looking at nitty gritty grammar rules but rather at strategies for being more creative with the linguistic tools we already have at our disposal.

Presented by Brian Petersen

Join us as we walk through the entire film making process, as we examine the various stages of production, and share the wins and potential pitfalls for each area. We will focus on the production aspect with a live documentary setup with lights, camera, audio, and action!

Presented by Darin McWatters

Within the church it is often difficult to define the line between art that glorifies God and art that glorifies the artist. This workshop will provide a framework for creative endeavors within the church that intentionally point away from ourselves to Christ.

Presented by Norm Daniels

In this workshop, Norm will demonstrate plein air painting out by the Lake. He will walk through his process from blank canvas, to sketching, to painting a complete composition.

Presented by Randall Goodgame

In this workshop, Randall will provide participants with the tools they need to put Scripture to music, creating a useful, memorable, and beautiful melody for personal worship or to lead and share with others.

Presented by Michal Strawbridge and Jeff Lilley

Sketching nature is both an act of discovery and observation, as well as an act of piracy–by “stealing” from God’s own creativity and designs in nature.  Jeff will begin the workshop with a short nature hike, followed by Michal leading an in-the-field workshop on sketching natural treasures found along the way.

Presented by Jerry Root

Author of numerous C.S. Lewis focused books and publications, Jerry will discuss creativity and imagination through a biblical lens.

Presented by Brian Petersen

We will take a look at storytelling through film for the Church and Marketplace as we explore a logical and emotional response to call people to action. We will discuss modern tools for storytelling, and share some examples from Scripture to guide our way.

Presented by Michal Strawbridge

Explore the depths of Art and Faith as Michal unpacks the ways in which God has revealed Himself through creation, and how we respond through creating.

Presented by  Jeff Lilley

We often take photographs of images that move us, or make us feel. Rarely do we stop to answer the questions about why it stirs us. Jeff will explore the power of the written word as a contemplative tool when it is combined with our own photography and art.

Presented  by Dominic Nuncio

In this workshop, we will explore first our identity in Christ, and the unique way He has formed and fashioned us as image bearers to proclaim His Kingdom. As artists we will then take strides to discover how to find our unique “voice” through our instruments. As God is creator, not a duplicator, the call for all artists is to learn, in time, to cultivate and ultimately express this “voice” so that through our art and beauty we create, the world will take notice and ultimately come to know Him.

Presented by Norm Daniels

In this workshop, artists will be supplied with paper and pencils as Norm talks through the process of capturing an image on paper, by focusing on value and composition. By the end of the workshop, artists will have completed a sketch ready to paint at their leisure.

Presented by Elisa Watson

Jesus told parables. Paradise Lost and Crime and Punishment have led some to believe in God. My own walk with the Lord has been deeply affected by the fictional works of C.S. Lewis. Sometimes we need to hear the truth plainly spoken, and sometimes we need stories to help that truth take root in our hearts and minds. In this workshop we’ll talk about telling stories that are honest, stories that are neither sugar-coated nor despairing, stories that reveal life in this world as it truly is.

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