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About Volunteering at Hume

Hume Ministries depends on your skills, talents, and passions in partnership with our staff to reach the thousands of youth, adults and families we share the Gospel with each year.


Individuals, families, or groups. If anyone is under 18, a parent or legal guardian must be attending as well.

Each person will need to be registered, using the registration link on the event page.

Certain projects may have a specific skill level required. Please refer to project descriptions for information pertaining to that particular project.

Volunteers assist in a variety of ways. If you don’t see your specific skill or talent listed, let us know!

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Special Projects

What we’re looking for:

  • Skilled workers who can offer one week at a time: carpenters, electricians, plumbers, etc.
  • Hume liaisons to assist in promoting Hume retreats, events and fundraising activities in their churches and communities.
  • Volunteers to assist in constructing sets and sewing costumes for program productions.
  • Booth workers and assistants to serve at the annual Country Fair.
  • Volunteers for “grunt work” – various cleaning and upkeep functions around the camp.

In addition, there are numerous opportunities for large projects, well-suited for volunteer crews with significant skilled laborers available for several days at a time. These projects include building remodeling, landscaping, roofing, carpeting/flooring, utilities, etc.

Volunteer Weeks

If you have a servant’s heart and don’t mind working hard, then come join us for Volunteer Week. You will work alongside our full-time staff to prepare the camp for Summer. The week also includes a special evening program, housing, meals, and plenty of work to keep you busy and even make you a little tired by the end.

In addition to hard workers who can help build, repair, clean and organize, we’re looking for specialists in areas such as carpentry, roofing, decking, painting, and stagecraft who can come volunteer their time.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity as volunteers of all walks of life come together to invest in each other and Hume Lake. You will be challenged and inspired as we work hard for the glory of God.

Tree Removal Weekends

In the past several years, over 70 million trees across the Southern Sierra Nevada succumbed to a historic California drought. The widespread death was driven not only by record low rainfall, but by the rampant bark beetle infestations which feed on the dry, defenseless trees. On our Hume Lake property alone we have tallied over 4800 dead and hazardous trees.

You’ve already helped us remove 3000 dead trees from the Hume forest—THANK YOU!

Please help us as we move into “Phase 2” in removing the remaining 1800 dead trees from our beautiful camp!


Please contact Hume Information // info@hume.org // 1-800-965-4863

Please contact Hume Information info@hume.org // 1-800-965-4863

Questions? Please contact Hume Information  info@hume.org 1-800-965-4863


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