Outdoor Education


5th through 8th Grade


The Hume Lake Outdoor Education program is a Christ-centered, hands-on learning experience that will instill in students a passion for Christ, a respect for His creation and an understanding of the world around them.

Nestled deep in the Sequoia National Forest with multiple bodies of water and a variety of terrains & ecosystems, Hume Lake is the perfect classroom environment in which students will experience God’s creation.

Each of our outdoor adventure classes are designed to reinforce the state science standards you are teaching, while embedding our core values. Our energetic instructors will engage your students and make the learning process both fun and memorable while continually pointing students back to the creator. Time spent in chapels feature dynamic worship music, and an evening challenge from God’s word by our speakers, who live out what they teach, and know how to communicate with 5th – 8th grade students.

Available Classes



Climbing & Mountaineering

Rock climbing and mountaineering are both great ways for students to learn about and explore the environment around them. This class is a great faith-building activity as well as a challenge where students will learn about the history of the sport of mountaineering as well as gain a better understanding and appreciation for the safety equipment and precautions used for climbing, different types and significance of ropes, and basic knot tying skills. After their safety and equipment briefing, each student will test their mountaineering abilities on our climbing wall, while being encouraged by their peers to make it all the way to the top.



In this class, we will take students into the world of insects. Students will learn what an insect is, how God has uniquely created them, and they will recognize the important role insects play in the ecosystem and to us as humans. While learning about the classification system of insects, students will have the opportunity to hunt, collect, and classify their insects into the eight different types of insect groups.



Every day we walk around on earth, and rarely take time to understand the solid ground beneath our feet. Whether we realize it or not, our lives are affected by the subject of Geology every day and we often take it for “granite”. Our entire planet is composed of rocks and minerals, creating the very foundation on which we live. In this class, students will learn about the structure of the earth and its layers, different types of rocks, the rock cycle, as well as how weathering and erosion affect the shaping and formations we see today. We will accomplish this through group lessons and interactive activities as well as looking at the real life examples we are surrounded by here at Hume Lake.



Meteorology is the interdisciplinary scientific study of the atmosphere. In this class will look at everything from the power of the sun, water cycles, air pressure, and the impact of industry on the environment. Students will also be able to identify different weather patterns in the places they live and the changes throughout the seasons.



Birds are amazing creatures. Their ability to fly gives us cause to watch and study them. In this class we will look at these creatures and how God made them for a purpose. We will focus on a select group of birds known as birds of prey (or raptors) and study these “tigers of the sky”. Students will learn about what makes a bird of prey different from other birds, their role in the ecosystem, and which ones are native to the Sequoia National Forest.



Riflery is the art, practice, or sport of shooting at targets with rifles.
In this class, we will take a look at the history of the rifle, how it has evolved, and the science behind rifling.
The students will also learn proper gun safety, marksmanship, and other shooting techniques while having the opportunity to put them into practice by shooting targets at the BB & Pellet Gun Range.


Some older mapping services will suggest you take the 245. It is a curvy, winding road that will take you at least an additional hour. DO NOT take 245!

Bible, notebook, pencil, flashlight, sleeping bag, pillow, toiletries, warm and cool clothes, jacket, modest one-piece swimsuit (no tankinis), a towel for swimming and showering, a water bottle, $60 recommended spending money.

(Remember: Girls no bare midriffs or spaghetti straps; guys, no sagging.)

If your child is bringing medication or supplements, please send them in their original containers. We are not able to give medication that we cannot identify and dose from the original container. Sending medication in anything other than the original container may result in the camper not receiving it.

What Not to Bring
Drugs (unless prescribed by a doctor), alcohol, tobacco, fireworks, firearms, electronic devices.


Here’s how you’ll need to address your letter/package:

OE/SE – School Name
Camper Name – Date of Camp
64144 Hume Lake Rd
Hume, CA 93628

For Example:
OE/SE – ABC123 School
Johnny Smith – October 9-13, 2017
64144 Hume Lake Rd
Hume, CA 93628

IMPORTANT: Please send five days prior to desired delivery date!

A Registered Nurse is around for each week of camp and there is a volunteer fire dept on-site with on-call EMT staff daily. There is a fully-stocked First Aid station with 24 hour access to counselors, and our registered nurse administers and ensures all daily medications are given to campers.

Please send any medications (including supplements) in the original container. Do not send common as needed medication like Tylenol & Ibuprofen as the infirmary has these available. Campers may only keep Epi pens and rescue inhalers with them. All other medications must be turned into the camp Nurse, and will be dispensed at each meal and before bedtime. A registered nurse will also be on-call to provide first aid.

  1. If and when you are needing to cancel any spots, it will forfeit the full deposit per spot for what the deposit is at the time of cancellation.
  2. If we are able to fill the canceled spots off the waiting list, we will only charge a $5/spot cancellation fee.
  3. We will offer a 100% refund for cancellations directly related to COVID-19 infection.

Pricing and Registration

2022 Fall Season

Oct 3-7, 2022

Grades 6-8


Speaker: TBA

OCT 10-14, 2022

Grades 5-6


Speaker: TBA

OCT 17-21, 2022

Grades 5-6


Speaker: TBA

2023 Spring Season

The following are early bird rates guaranteed when registered by 12/31/2022

Mar 27-31, 2023

Grades 6-8


Speaker: TBA

Apr 10-14, 2023

Grades 6-8


Speaker: TBA

Apr 17-21, 2023

Grades 5-6


Speaker: TBA

Apr 24-28, 2023

Grades 5-6


Speaker: TBA

Deposits are transferable and refundable
in the case of a canceled event


Contact our Hume Information team
info@hume.org • 1 (800) 965-4863