Hume SD is a seamless blend of Hume Lake and San Diego. Urban missions and beachfront activities take full advantage of the location while powerful corporate worship, compelling teaching and full throttle recreation provide a true camp experience for Jr. High (grades 6-8) and High School (grades 9-12) students. Enjoy the San Diego beach culture while building relationships!

2017 Summer Theme

Too often we find our identity and worth in things other than the Lord. We choose not to obey or to fear the Lord but rather to serve whatever satisfies our desires. This summer we will examine the life of King Saul. Although, he was a man anointed by God, he chose to fear people and serve himself. Do our lives mimic his tragic downfall or will we reverently fear the Lord and desire to serve Him faithfully day in and day out?

This summer, our desire is for students to walk away from this week, desiring to fear the Lord and to serve Him faithfully with their lives.

“Only fear the Lord and serve him faithfully with all your heart. For consider what great things he has done for you.” (NIV)

Princes and Paupers, Fairy Tales and Fables
Get together with a few friends or your whole cabin and come dressed as your favorite childhood fable, magical fairy tale or medieval character!

Each camper and counselor will receive a FREE Rec shirt that is either Red or Turquoise depending on what rec team you are on! (You will find out your team names + what team you are on once you get here!!….we have to keep some secrets :))



“Forsaken” Promo Materials


Worship by Jake Holman

Jake Holman serves as a worship leader at First Baptist Woodstock in Atlanta, GA. Jake is a firm believer in the dynamic power of worship through music. He loves performing, writing, and ultimately seeing the body of Christ gathered together to change lives through the Gospel. He sees worship music as a thankful response to who Jesus is, and what Jesus has done for us. Jake has a wife named Ashley and 2 children, London and Kingston.


Want to create your own promotional materials to get the word out about camp? Download this promo kit for fonts, fliers, posters and more!

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What can I expect at a Hume camp?


The gospel isn’t merely one ingredient in our programming mix. It’s the reason for everything we do. Hume speakers know teenagers as well as their bibles. They unwrap and animate God’s truth in ways that connect with students.

Students will hear the gospel of Jesus in chapels and talks, then wrestle with it in seminars, breakouts, and all those unscripted moments between youth pastors and students that a Hume camping experience delivers.


Indoor worship, outdoor worship, corporate worship, devotional worship. Hume San Diego nurtures the attitude of worship from sunrise (over San Diego bay) to sunset (over the pacific ocean). Just step out of your dorm, and you can’t help but acknowledge God here in what has been called the most beautiful spot in San Diego.

Personal quiet times, small-group prayer, our dawn patrol sunrise worship—you’ll have plenty of options for exalting the lord. For listening to him, too. (It helps that distractions are few here—no phones or ipods, for instance.) And our musicians are selected for their giftedness in bringing students into the presence of the lord.


Hume SD is strategically located on the Point Loma Peninsula in beautiful San Diego. Easy to find and quick to get to, the private college campus and ever-present ocean view removes all the distractions of the city and allows campers (and counselors!) the chance to enjoy God’s creation.

Service opportunities in downtown and beach activities at mission beach are a short bus ride away.


For an hour a day, we let kids be kids. We call it recreation. The high-energy, innovative games at Hume SD give campers an outlet for their energy, while providing counselors a chance to encourage team-building and leadership skills. Game-winning teams are awarded points throughout the week, and on spirit day themed costumes multiply your points to give your team the cutting edge!

While all campers receive a free “rec” shirt, only the winning team gets the coveted “champion” shirt.


As the 9th largest city in the United States, San Diego has many thriving urban and international mission organizations. Through partnerships with these groups, Hume SD provides campers and counselors with safe, supervised opportunities to serve people in immediate, tangible ways.

Whether it’s handing out food and socks to the homeless or packing lunches to be sent into Mexico, students are taken out of their “me-centered” culture and confronted with a world of hunger, loneliness and need.

Campers will learn the power of a pair of socks and the gospel of Jesus Christ. Here is life transformation, for the servants as well as for those in need.


Free, on-campus diversions include disk golf, basketball, ping-pong, billiards, foosball, volleyball, and a mechanical bull. Or students can dive into water sports, thanks to our partnership with Ocean Experience, whose certified instructors will have your kids safely surfing or sea-kayaking.

Of course, all are welcome to bring their own boogie and surf boards, and indulge their wave-riding desires. We’ll even drive students down to the surf and back again after they’ve had enough of the wind, water, and sun. (If anyone can have enough of those.)


The theme is a creative and practical link between the fun, entertaining aspects of camp and our presentation of the Gospel. While we believe that the theme is a critical part of the camp experience, it is our desire that by the end of the week it becomes background to the Biblical truths taught throughout the week.

The live drama productions, recreation team names, and Spirit Day, are some of the programming elements we use to capture campers’ attention, win their trust, and direct their focus to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Let us agree on one thing: your youth pastor—not us or any other ministry resource provider—knows your youth group best. We run Hume SD in order to give youth pastors freedom to do what they do best—relate to students, listen, offer guidance, love. To that end, we free them up from the myriad details required for a successful, memorable camping experience—the programming, lodging, meals, recreation, speakers, music. They do enough of that anyway.

So this time, we’ll do the footwork while your youth pastors ministers to your students. After all, when Jesus left this planet, he left behind a church, not a camp.