Hume Loves Pastors

We get it.

Because of you, we are allowed the honor of spreading the Gospel as an extension of the Church—the Church you serve with passion and dedication. 

So we want to show you our support, not only by loving all the precious souls you send our way, but also by offering you some opportunities to rest, relax, recharge, rejuvenate and recover from the pressures of being tireless shepherds.

If you have any questions, please let us know!

Jeff Brannan
Youth Ministries Director
Hume Ministries

Youth Pastor Getaway

Refresh and renew here at Hume—on us!

  • September to April
  • 2 nights, 3 days mid-week (MON-THU)
  • FREE!

Israel Study Tour

Join us for a life-changing experience by walking with other pastors through an in-depth study of, and first-hand experience in, the land of Israel.

  • January of 2020
  • COST: $T.B.A.
  • Info/Registration coming soon

Pastors Retreat

Reconnect with your friends and rekindle your relationship with God in a place free from distractions and surrounded by His creation.

  • September 16-19, 2019
  • COST: $209

Youth Workers Retreat

Enjoy the fellowship with like-minded youth workers, and return home refreshed, better connected, and spiritually prepared for whatever God has in store for you.

  • November 4-7, 2019
  • COST: $130


Join us for a student worship leaders retreat, where we build into your worship leaders.

  • April 5-7, 2019
  • SPEAKER: Evan Wickham
  • COST: $199


Hume’s premier retreats for young adults.

  • Winter UNITE: March 8-10, 2019
  • Summer UNITE: September 6-8, 2019

Girls Retreat

Hume does all kinds of retreats, but this is the only one for middle school and high school girls with absolutely no boys allowed.

  • October 11-13, 2019
  • SPEAKER: Megan Marshman
  • COST: $205 (campers), $150 (counselors)


Please contact Jeff Brannan // Youth Ministries Director // (559) 305-7470

Please contact Jeff Brannan
Youth Ministries Director // (559) 305-7470

Please contact
Jeff Brannan
Youth Ministries Director
(559) 305-7470


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