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Hume Lake

We’re so excited to have your students come to Hume Lake Winter Camp! Below is all the pertinent information you’ll need, including all required registration forms. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us:

Hume Registration
[email protected]

Counselor Requirement:

We would like to remind you that California law requires all counselors and youth workers to be live-scanned and mandated reporter trained. It is your legal responsibility to ensure that you and your counselors have completed this prior to your arrival.


Please thoroughly read and respond to the following information. Please download or complete each section below. The sections are in order by the due date, just work your way down!

5 Weeks Before Camp

Online Roster
Required: YES.
Due: 5 weeks before camp.
Follow these instructions for the greatest success.
▸ LOG-IN To Your Account

4 Weeks Before Camp

Final Count Form
Required: YES.
Due: 4 weeks before camp.
If submitted after the deadline, a $50 charge will be assessed.
▸ HUME Final Count Form

Insurance Certificate Form
Required: YES.
Due: 4 weeks before camp.
▸ DOWNLOAD Hume Lake Insurance Certificate Form

** If submitted after the deadline, a $50 charge will be assessed.**

2 Weeks Before Camp

Campership Application
Required: Only if the student in need is wanting to submit a request.
Due: 2 weeks before camp
Parents are able to complete a Campership application for their student(s) during their online registration process. As the group administrator, you can see who applied and how much was awarded through your online account.

24 Hours Before Camp

Health Screening Form  

Required: YES. 

Important: Must be completed within 24 hours of arriving at camp. Please designate one (1) licensed professional (Doctor, Nurse, PA, or NP) to ask screening questions, take temperature and sign each form.  

Due: At check-in upon arrival. 

▸ DOWNLOAD Health Screening Form 

Payment Information

Final Balance

To pay by Visa/MasterCard, log into your Online Account to complete this process. Please note that using this form of payment will result in an additional charge of 2.24% of your paid amount. If you plan to pay by check, you may mail payment to the Hume office. To find your remaining balance, log into your Online Account and click “View All Statements.”

Winter Camp Deposit & Cancellation Policy. 

  • A non-refundable deposit in the amount of $35/person must be received in order to confirm your registration. 
  • The second non-refundable deposit of $100/person (totaling $135/person) is due 60 days prior to the event check-in day. 
  • The remaining balance is due no later than two weeks prior to the event check-in day. 
  • If the registration is cancelled or changed for any reason after initial signup or any deposit is made, the attendee agrees that the full deposit per person will be forfeited.
Final Details

Camper Medication at Arrival

You can locate your church’s Medication Administration Record (MAR) from your Online Account. This is a list of medications you should expect to collect. Please collect ALL medications, vitamins and supplements, except epi-pens, rescue inhalers & diabetic supplies. (Don’t worry if it’s not listed on the MAR, we can add it at camp!) All medication needs to be in its original container & in a Ziploc bag. Write your church name & each student’s name in Sharpie on the bag. You’ll turn medications into our health center staff at check-in when you arrive, so please collect medications before campers load up into vehicles.

Camper Medication at Departure

Your group’s medications will need to be picked up by a group admin at the medication station at breakfast on the last day. We are not able to mail medication left behind to the churches or individuals. If any medications are left behind, the Health Center will call the group leader to arrange for them to be picked up.

Sick Camper Policy

Campers who feel ill while at camp, and are brought to the health center by their youth leader, will be evaluated for a fever and other contagious symptoms. If a camper is found to have a fever in excess of 100.4 and have potentially contagious symptoms, they will be isolated at the health center until the fever is gone for 24 hours without any anti-fever medication in their system, and their symptoms are improved. If symptoms persist or temperature goes above 102, then arrangements will need to be made to have the camper picked up from camp by a parent or guardian in the shortest time frame possible. If the 24 hour isolation period would exceed the time remaining in camp, a parent or guardian will be responsible for the pick up of the camper in the shortest time frame possible.

Sick Camper Transportation

It is imperative that parents are aware of this policy and are ready to pick up their camper in the case where they become sick and potentially contagious. Hume does not recommend transporting sick campers home in the same bus or vehicle that is being used to transport healthy students. In the event of serious injury or a life-threatening emergency, Hume will assist with the transportation of campers, but we strongly urge all churches to have an additional vehicle on site for the medical transportation of campers in non-emergency situations or due to illness.

Check-In at Hume

This is for church administrators, pastors, or leaders who will have the required paperwork, medications, and payment for the church.

When you arrive, follow the signs for Check-in. 

Check-in Location: Cedar Chapel

Check-in Begins: 2:00 PM

Getting Here

Park Entrance Pass

Print and distribute one pass for each vehicle coming to camp. This pass is provided to prevent confusion when passing through the Sequoia/Kings Canyon National Park on your way to Hume. Present this at the park entrance booth to avoid being charged the park visiting fee. Please note that this is not a pass for access to visit the National Park. It is ONLY to pass through the park to get to Hume Lake. It only allows a vehicle to drive non-stop through the 4 miles of the park on your way to Hume Lake Christian Camps.

▸ DOWNLOAD the Park Entrance Pass

Winter Driving & Snow Chains

When driving in the mountains with any icy or snowy conditions, you are required to carry chains or cables in your vehicle at all times. You may be subject to a ticket and can be denied passage without chains in your vehicle. 

R1 Chain Control Sign

State law requires ALL vehicles (including 4WD and AWD) to carry tire chains or cables when entering chain-control zones (This can include the last 25 miles of road before arriving at Hume). All vehicles must have chains or cables that fit properly and are in good repair. Signs will be posted along the road indicating the type of requirement (R1, R2, R3). Please pay attention as these indicate when you need to install the chains on your vehicle.

Caltrans provides a Winter Driving Guide and the National Park has this Winter Driving & Tire Chains Guide to make your winter driving experience safe and pleasant. If you’ve never driven in winter weather before, be sure to check these out and share them with your drivers.

If you are chartering a bus, we highly recommend that you make them aware of these requirements and check that they have chains for their vehicles and know how to use them before you travel.

Map and Directions

When you arrive, follow signs for Church Check-In. Our staff will help direct you.

Check out our Winter Campus Map for help getting around once you’re here!

Church Resources and Training

Health and Safety Information

At Hume we care about providing the highest level of healthcare to our campers and staff. Check out this important info for everything you need to know about health and safety while at camp.

Policy for children of counselors/youth pastors

Policy for children of counselors/youth pastors at Hume (Cabins and Chapel)

At Hume, we desire to support the ministry of the local church and its leaders to the fullest extent possible. Youth leaders, in particular, are some of our most valued partners. Our ministry has a lasting impact because of the countless number of youth pastors, leaders, and volunteers who dedicate their time, finances, and even their families to the ministry. We recognize that doing ministry is often something that the entire family is involved in. To that end, we want to be a support to youth leaders who are counseling at camp and want to bring their spouses and children to experience a week/weekend at Hume as well.

If you are able to bring your family to Hume, and they are staying in a lodge, rented cabin, or just visiting for the day, we have just a couple of guidelines we ask you to follow.

  1. Only youth counselors and campers who are registered for the week/weekend event are allowed to sleep in our youth cabins. Practically, this means no infants or children of the youth leader or counselor of that cabin are allowed to sleep overnight in the cabin. 
  2. Throughout the event there are numerous opportunities for families of youth leaders to interact with their students. These can include church breakouts, free time, recreation, meals, evening activities, and many more. However, one of our core values is to provide a distraction-free environment for the students to worship, engage in solid biblical teaching, and respond to the Lord. Understanding the difficulty of creating an environment like this with teenagers, we ask that infants and small children of youth leaders not attend the main chapel sessions.

Again, our desire is that students attending a camp or retreat at Hume are provided a safe, distraction-free environment for them to be challenged by the Lord. Please help us do that by following these two guidelines. 

Winter Camp Booklets

Below is the digital copy of the Winter Camp counselor booklets. Every counselor will receive a printed copy at the first counselor meeting on the first night of camp. In it you will find a camp schedule, the rules of camp, a camp map, other important info about your weekend of camp, as well as devotionals and cabin discussion questions.

Winter Camp Counselor Booklet

Counselor Guidebook

We believe the counselors that you bring with your church are a key part of this ministry. We’ve created these resources for them to learn about their responsibilities as counselors. Please have them read this Counselor Guidebook carefully before coming to camp. 

Winter Camp Tips & Tricks for Youth Leaders

We're Prepared for Winter 2024


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Camp Theme Information

Learn more about the theme and spiritual direction and download promotional materials for each camp at Hume this summer.

Under the Sun with Brock Sterling

About the Winter Camp Theme

Spiritual Direction

This winter, we will be walking through the book of Ecclesiastes. Our hope for students is that they leave understanding that although many of us look for meaning and purpose in this world, it is only through Christ that we will find true meaning and purpose, as we understand what it means to fear God and obey His commands.

Visual Direction

Throughout the weekend, we will be showing a series of short theme videos that take place on the set of a talk show, where the host is interviewing our Solomon character near the end of his life.  Our hope and purpose for these videos is to set up each message that the speaker will be sharing from the Book of Ecclesiastes. 

Theme Breakdown

It would be an understatement to say that we live in a difficult and confusing world. In the last few years, students have faced a dramatic rise in anxiety and isolation. Even though we are aware of this, we often act as if it is not a pressing reality. Whether it be distracting ourselves from difficult truths or making up answers that give us peace of mind, we have all tasted doubt and have experienced the uncertainty and brokenness of this fallen world.

The Bible does not ignore the human condition of toil and struggle but directly addresses it. In the book of Ecclesiastes, we see that many of the things we use to distract ourselves are meaningless. So, what are we to do in light of this? Ecclesiastes 12:13 gives us a clear answer: fear God and obey Him. This winter, we are going to discuss what it means to fear God and obey Him, while simultaneously finding meaning and purpose in and through Him.

Theme Verse

The end of the matter; all has been heard. Fear God and keep His commandments, for this is the whole duty of man.

Ecclesiastes 12:13

Theme Promo Videos

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As you know, things are a bit different at Hume this summer. The good news? The Lord has made it possible for us to shine His light in some wonderful ways, and we really need your help to make it happen!

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