Outdoor Education Devos

Spring 2020

We have created a short devotional series based on what you would have heard in chapel here at camp. Chip, Torro, and Nala each share a couple messages that tie into the theme videos and daily spiritual directions. Our hope is that the Lord will use these to challenge you from His word and help answer the question, “What does it mean to be a follower of Christ?” 

Below you will see a “Let’s Rock!” Intro Video followed by 6 devos. Each Devo has a Devo Page (downloadable PDF), a theme video, and a devo video. The Devo Page includes a devo, discussion questions, and a place to take notes.

If you have any questions or need any assistance, please email Outdoor Education Camp Director Wagon Master Chip.

“Let’s Rock!” Devo Introduction

“Let’s Rock!” Devo 1

Devo Page

“Let’s Rock!” Episode 1

Devo Thoughts from Torro

“Let’s Rock!” Devo 2

Devo Page

“Let’s Rock!” Episode 2

Devo Thoughts from Chip

“Let’s Rock!” Devo 3

Devo Page

“Let’s Rock!” Episode 3

Devo Thoughts from Nala

“Let’s Rock!” Devo 4

Devo Page

“Let’s Rock!” Episode 4

Devo Thoughts from Torro

“Let’s Rock!” Devo 5

Devo Page

“Let’s Rock!” Episode 5

Devo Thoughts from Chip

“Let’s Rock!” Devo 6

Devo Page

“Let’s Rock!” Episode 6

Devo Thoughts from Nala

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