One of the most significant elements of JWI is the opportunity to lay down distractions in a nearly impossible way outside of this place.

For the duration of the program, all JWI students will fast from:

  • Movies/TV shows/YouTube/etc.
  • Video/phone games
  • Prerecorded music (please bring your instruments to participate in live music!)
  • Social media (deactivate all social media for nine months)
  • Furthering dating relationships*


The Joshua Fast is significant and allows students to:

  1.  Be present with others and choose to go to God instead of other avenues of coping or distraction,
  2.  Be committed to something counter-cultural and difficult,
  3.  And learn how to walk in the light and practice genuine accountability, honesty, growth, and repentance.


At JWI, we believe that music, movies, relationships, and media are gifts to be enjoyed; however, God does something beautiful in removing distractions to dive deeper into a relationship with Him.


*Students will not start new romantic relationships with anyone in or outside the program or advance the seriousness of a relationship with a current partner (getting engaged, etc.). The expectation is that students who are currently in a relationship with someone not in the program would be committed to being emotionally and mentally present in the program, which may mean limiting or changing communication with their current partner.

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