The Joshua Wilderness Institute is thrilled to be partnered with Biola University since the fall of 2022. This partnership allows all Joshua students to take four foundational courses meant to equip them for a life of following Christ.

Upon admittance to Biola, JWI students have the opportunity to demonstrate prior learning and be granted up to 12 credit hours for only $150 a course. That is equivalent to a whole semester of Bible units! JWI staff and Biola faculty will be working closely with students interested in receiving prior learning credit.

We believe Biola’s vision and mission aligns with our own here at JWI and we’re excited about the content, professors, and resources this partnership will provide.

Biola University Classes

Class Possible Prior Learning Credits at Biola Description
Biblical Interpretation and Spiritual Formation
Equips to interpret and apply the Bible in accurate and dynamic ways for spiritual and character formation.
Foundations of Christian Thought
Introduction to theology with emphasis on our Christian heritage, the doctrine of Scripture, and Christian worldview.
Old Testament History and Literature
An overview of the Old Testament with an emphasis on historical and cultural background, literary genre, themes, people, and events.
New Testament History and Literature
An overview of the New Testament with emphasis on historical and cultural background, literary genre, structure, themes, people, and events.

Additional Classes

Class Description
Learn how faithful men and women have devoted themselves to serving God through connecting with missionaries from all over the world.
We will spend time discussing the characteristics of God, wrestling with who He is and how that changes our lives from the inside out.
Life Skills
From changing tires to conflict resolution, we will tackle topics necessary for all adults to know. Everything we do ought to lead toward spiritual conversations and life skills opening doors for sharing Jesus.
Israel Prep
To get the most out of our trip to Israel the Joshua class will have a prep course covering geography, major events, and information about the locations we will visit.

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