To respond to the great commission and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ globally through camping ministry. We desire that everyone who comes into contact with Hume International will accept Jesus as their personal savior, grow in their faith and Christian character development, and devote their lives in service to our Lord Jesus at home and abroad.

What We Do

Exposing our Campers to International Missions

At our Hume camps in the U.S we expose students to global needs and opportunities while challenging them to live as Christ has called them at home and abroad.

Representatives from international ministries are a part of the camping program, sharing about their ministry and connecting with students.

Running Youth Camps Internationally

We partner with missionary schools and organizations around the world to provide a Christ-centered camping experience for Third Culture Kids.

Our staff facilitate biblically based and innovative camping, by providing a speaker, band, recreation and other program elements.

We make Hume International opportunities accessible for our staff, alumni, guests, and partner churches.

Partnering with International Ministries

Hume partners with ministries across the globe who continue to passionately share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We share our resources as good stewards of everything entrusted to us by God. We connect the local church with international ministry opportunities.

We offer exposure trips to churches who express a desire to partner with these international ministries.