Hume Hawaii

SPring and Summer

Hume Hawaii is a camp for Hawaii’s youth grades 6-12 that blends together an epic camp experience with some of the most beautiful locations in the world. Rock solid teaching and worship, high-energy recreation, food, free-time and friends create memories that last and will leave an impression that won’t fade.

Clear Gospel Message

The gospel isn’t merely one ingredient in our programming mix. It’s the reason for everything we do.

Dynamic Worship

Indoor worship, outdoor worship, corporate worship, devotional worship. Hume nurtures the attitude of worship from sunrise to sunset.

Creative Theme

The theme is a practical link between the entertaining aspects of camp and our presentation of the Gospel. We leverage it as a background to Biblical truth.​

Local Ministry

We believe youth pastors know their youth groups best. In light of that, we run camp in order to give youth pastors the freedom to focus on their students.


The high-energy, innovative games at Hume Lake give campers an outlet for their energy and counselors a chance to encourage team-building.

Summer 2020 Update

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the current state and local regulations, we have had to make the difficult decision to cancel all children, youth, and adult events for the summer of 2020. If you need more information, please contact our Registration Team.

We know this may have a profound impact on you and on the ministry at Hume. And yet, even in our disappointment, we continue to trust the Lord. It is a remarkable blessing to see how He transforms lives here at camp, but we also know our God is bigger than this. He can do indescribable things in the hearts of those who look to Him, no matter what the circumstances. He is faithful! If we can trust Jesus with our eternity, we can surely trust Him with our today!


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Corinne McInteer