Camp Kajabe



Download theme and message videos

Session Speakers

Jonny Ardavanis

Christopher Hilken


Seminar 1

Erik Thoennes
Dr. Erik Thoennes

Seminar 2

Megan Fate Marshman

Seminar 3

Brooks Buser

Seminar 4

Darin McWatters
Darin McWatters

Resource Downloads

Materials to help you prepare for virtual camp

Cheat Sheet

Overview of the entire virtual camp experience

Speaker Guide

To help you prepare messages for each session

Daily Devos

Daily devotionals to support the messages

Promo Pack

Materials to help promo virtual camp to your students

Teaser Video

Camp Kajabe Teaser Video for the Daily theme

Need Prayer?

We are thankful to each group and every person who has prayed for the ministry of Hume and given financially throughout the last year. Do you need prayer? Let us know, Hume staff prays regularly for submitted requests, and we’d love to pray for you!


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