Tree Removal Weekend

One Tree at a Time


In the past several years, over 70 million trees across the Southern Sierra Nevada succumbed to an historic California drought. The widespread death was driven not only by record low rainfall, but by the rampant bark beetle infestations which feed on the dry, defenseless trees. On our Hume Lake property alone we have tallied over 4800 dead and hazardous trees.

You’ve already helped us remove 3000 dead trees from the Hume forest—THANK YOU!

Please help us as we move into “Phase 2” in removing the remaining 1800 dead trees from our beautiful camp!


Some older mapping services will suggest you take the 245. It is a curvy, winding road that will take you at least an additional hour. DO NOT take 245!

Check in starts at 3:00 PM the first day of the retreat.

You need to be checked out of your lodging by 11:00 AM the last day of the retreat.

We provide:

Dinner the first day of the retreat

All meals each full day of the retreat

Breakfast and lunch the last day of the retreat

We do not offer free guest WiFi at this point in time. We do offer Internet for a fee; however, the speeds here are not fast. Purchase at your own risk.

Next Tree Removal Weekend

April 13-15, 2018

Adult / Child


For working volunteers. Linens not provided.

All deposits are non-refundable and non-transferrable.


Please contact Alyssa Hawkinson // // (559) 547-2303

Please contact Alyssa Hawkinson // (559) 547-2303

Please contact Alyssa Hawkinson (559) 547-2303


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