Help us as we continue our massive undertaking to remove 2000+ dead trees from the Hume Lake property.

Over 66 million trees across the Southern Sierra Nevada have succumbed to this historic California drought. The widespread death is driven not only by record low rainfall, but by the rampant bark beetle infestations which feed on the dry, defenseless trees. On our Hume Lake property alone we have tallied over 2000 dead and hazardous trees.

Dead trees quickly become huge fire hazards,
and will eventually become falling hazards.
Every accessible dead tree must be removed,
and we need your help.

Safely cutting down and removing a 200 foot tree on hilly terrain near roads, houses, and power lines, isn’t free. You can help us offset this cost by donating to Hume.

Tree Volunteer Weekend

Spring 2017 Tree Removal Volunteer Weekend

Part II

The Fall 2016 Tree Removal Volunteer Weekends were an amazing help to the ministry at Hume. Because of these weekends, with your help, we were able to remove literally tons of debris.

So this spring, would you consider joining us for one of our Tree Removal Volunteer Weekends? We bring in professional tree fallers to drop the trees, and then we clear everything out once it’s fallen.

We provide basic housing, all meals andĀ even a few moments of Adventure.

You can also donate online!

Thank you for your contribution!