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Requirements and helpful info

We’re so excited to have your students come to Hume San Diego! Below is all the pertinent information you’ll need, including all required registration forms. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us:


For Registration Questions

Tyler Perez
Guest Relations Supervisor

For Registration Questions

Heather McClary
Youth Registrar

For Camp logistics Questions

John Tounger
Hume San Diego Camp Director

Registration and Arrival

Please thoroughly read through and respond to the following information. Please download or complete each section below. The sections are in order by due date, just work your way down! Of course, completing any section before the due date is highly encouraged.

Required: Only if the student in need is wanting to submit a request.
3 weeks before camp

Parents are now able to complete a simplified version of our Campership application for their student(s) in need during their online registration process. As the group administrator, you will not need to do anything extra or log into a separate website to have your families complete a Campership application.

While the parent is completing their child’s registration process, at the very end, it will give them an option to select “Yes” or “No” if they would like to apply for a Campership. If “Yes” is selected, then it will prompt the parent to complete a supplemental required questionnaire of question.

Apartment Housing (Flex Housing)
Hume SD provides apartment housing that you can book. The apartments are perfect for people who work or volunteer with your group that need to bring their families to camp. An apartment costs $100/night. Fill out this request form to book an apartment with our registration team.

The units are 2 bedroom, 2 bath, on-campus college apartments, equipped with a full kitchen. They do not come with sheets, towels, pillows, toiletries, or any kitchen supplies/dishes so you will need to bring any of those supplies that would like during your stay. The beds are all twin beds, and some of them are bunked. For couples, the beds can be put together to make a bed with the width similar to a King Size bed. Meal plans are also available if you’d like to add that to your charges (see pricing below). If you do not want a meal plan, you can pay PLNU for each meal you eat in the dining hall at the register when you enter.

3 weeks before camp.
Follow these instructions for greatest success.
▸ Access your Online Roster

2 weeks before camp.
If submitted after the deadline, a $50 charge will be assessed.
▸ SUBMIT Final Count Form

Required: YES.
Due: 5 days before camp (Tuesday/Wednesday before camp).
We will send your housing assignments to your church 1 ½ weeks before camp. We send you an email that has an excel template that lists out what rooms you are assigned to , at that point you can begin inserting the names of students into the template. The completed assignment template needs to be emailed back to five days before camp.

1 week before camp.
▸ DOWNLOAD Insurance Certificate Form

All campers and counselors.
Must be completed within 24 hours of arriving at camp.
Due: At check-in upon arrival.
▸ DOWNLOAD Health Screening Form

Due: At check-in upon arrival.
You may pay your final camp balance at your time of arrival by check or Visa/MasterCard. If you need to know your remaining balance, log into your Online Roster and click “View All Statements.”

This form is important because it is separate from the forms parents sign when registering their student. Mission Bay Aquatic Center requires that it is physically signed and not done online.
Required: ONLY for students who want to sign up for activities off campus.
Due: At check-in upon arrival.
▸ DOWNLOAD Activity Form

Cancellation Policy

We have updated our Cancellation Policy to reflect the following changes:

  1. If and when you are needing to cancel any spots, it will forfeit the full deposit per spot for what the deposit is at the time of the cancellation.
  2. If we are able to fill your spot off of the waiting list up until 2 weeks prior to your date of arrival for camp then we will only charge a $5/spot cancellation fee.

Camper Medication

You can locate your church’s Medication Administration Record (MAR) from your  Online Roster. This is a list of medication you should expect to collect. Please collect ALL medication except epi-pens, rescue inhalers & diabetic supplies. (Don’t worry if it’s not listed on the MAR, we can add it at camp!) All medication needs to be in its original container & in a Ziploc bag. Write your church name & each student’s name in Sharpie on the bag. You’ll turn medications into our health center staff at check-in when you arrive, so please collect medications before campers load up into vehicles.


  • Check-in opens up at 3:00 pm and dinner begins at 5:00 pm. We have a counselor meeting at 6:15 pm in the camp office, and chapel Sunday night is at 7:45 pm.
  • Because multiple churches are checking in we recommend that you send the person checking you in ahead of time. Your students will not be able to get into their dorm rooms until you go through the process.
  • Follow the signs to the camp office located right in the middle of “Caf Lane”
  • When your bus/van driver arrives on campus they will be able to take the first right after passing the security booth and drop all students off at our unloading zone until you return with their keys and dorm assignments.

On Friday morning, we will serve everyone breakfast and then say goodbye as you head back home. We ask that you check your group out in the dorms with your lead counselor, and be sure everyone has cleaned up their belongings and their rooms.

You will need to turn in all of your keys to the Point Loma sta at the entrance of the dining hall. There will be a $25 lost key charge for every key not turned back into Point Loma.

Counselor Training

Your Responsibilities while at Camp
Our goal is to take care of all of the main details of camp so that you can focus on building relationships with your students. We take care of the program, message content, worship band, food, recreation, and much more. We do however ask for you to play a part in key parts of camp. We have broken down the information you need between responsibilities for Pastors/Admins and Counselors.

Counselors are in charge of general oversight of your campers. Each counselor is responsible for overseeing the 10(ish) students they are over. We do not require counselors to keep their students in groups and spend every moment with them. We encourage you to spend as much time as you can as our goal is to give you the space to focus on relationships.

General responsibilities include:


  • Making sure their small group of students are attending all chapel meetings and meals


  • We provide counselors who act as a type of “RAs” but rely on counselors to be general oversight/making sure students are eventually going to bed
  • Facilitating discussions about what students are learning in chapel
  • Passing out medications to students that skip getting them directly from our nurse


  • Attending recreation with their small group of students
  • Choosing which kids play which games
  • Helping students memorize optional bonus point verses
  • Having a blast

Free Time

  • No formal responsibilities but we encourage counselors to spend time with their students as this is a key relationship building time of just hanging out

Discipline is one of those tricky areas where it can tend to be case by case and group by group. Let us first say that Hume will intervene anytime that a group wants us to. We are here to serve you. Hume typically steps into discipline when it becomes a higher level issue (Child Protective Services, drugs/weapons, theft, discipline across multiple groups, and continued discipline of a specific kid. Otherwise, we let counselors and pastors decide what discipline looks like for minor issues between students.

Rec and Activities

Recreation is a week-long competition where we split up your campers into two main teams (Rocker and Rollers for 2019). Each of these teams has either a red or black shirt associated with them. We will split up your students when you arrive, and they will get their rec shirts on Monday of camp.

On Wednesday of camp, we will have “Super Spirit Day” where all points are worth double. We will kick it back to the old school days of relay races with insane amounts of fun and high energy. It’s the day in the week to dress up and go crazy with your Rec Team. So get together with your team and figure out how you want to come dressed!! The theme this year is “Pompadours & Poodle, Sock Hops & Soda Shops.” We look forward to seeing what fun things you guys come up with.

We offer a ton of on campus and off campus activities at Hume SD. On Tuesday, May 21, we will launch our early activity sign-ups that allow you to reserve a block of spots for your students. These are not spots you are required to pay for on May 21, but you can try to reserve blocks of time that you project your students will want to fill. There is always more space to book activities while at camp.

We will once again be partnering with the Mission Bay Aquatic Center for some of our Off-Campus Free Time Activities, which continues to allow more opportunities for students to participate in activities. We are still unable to incorporate the Mission Bay Aquatic Center release form into our online registration system because of the way their legal team wants the forms completed. Download the Mission Bay Aquatic Center Activities form.

Please have a parent/guardian of each of your students fill out and sign the form, and turn it in when you check in at camp (they made their form more simple to make this easier for you).

You will have an opportunity to kayak and use a stand-up paddle board in the bay near South Mission Beach. The money includes transportation, instructional guides, all the necessary equipment.

An opportunity to be taught how to surf by local San Diego surf instructors. $ includes transportation, instruction, rash guard & surfboard.

Our staff will take you on a bike tour around the popular Mission Bay. $10 includes transportation, guide, bicycle & safety equipment.

We shuttle students and counselors every afternoon to the beach for a memorable afternoon at the beach. The line for the beach shuttle forms after lunch near the Greek, no sign-ups required. There is limited availability each day, and buses are filled on a first come, first serve basis. Just wait in line, have your name checked off the camp master list, hop on a bus, and have a great afternoon at the beach.

If you don’t have your own surfboard and are not part of the surf lessons, we have a limited number of surfboards available for rent each afternoon. You can rent them from the Easy-Up located just outside of the camp office. Rent the surfboard, hop on our shuttle to the beach, and enjoy an afternoon of surfing. Rentals are on a first come, first serve basis, and require a $20 deposit. $10 of the deposit is returned back to you when the surfboard is checked back in at the Easy-Up on campus.

We also have a limited number of boogie boards available for rent each afternoon. It is the same procedure as renting a surfboard, except the boogie boards only require a $10 deposit. $5 of the deposit is returned back to you when the boogie board is checked back in at the Easy-Up on campus.

Imagine paintball without the paint! We set up an awesome course in a parking garage and let students battle it out. Each session includes all the gear and safety equipment.

Team up with your friends to escape our themed “escape room” and get the fastest time in all of camp.

Each session includes bows, arrows and safety equipment.

Get to play soccer and other fun games in Zorb Body Bubbles.
Each session includes all the gear and safety equipment

Come take a ride on our mechanical buffalo, & see how long you can stay on.

Try out your climbing skills on our climbing spire located near the soccer field.

Every afternoon, the gym is open for basketball.

Stop on by the rec room to play ping-pong, foosball, or billiards.

Early Activity Sign-ups

The goal of these sign-ups is not for you to book an activity for each student individually, but for you to reserve a block of spots for your group to all do something together on a certain day. 

The Early Activity Registration only applies to the following 3 off-campus activities: Surf Lessons, Kayak/SUP (Stand Up Paddle board), and the Bike Tour, as well as on-campus group session reservations. For more information about these activities and the other activities offered at Hume SD, please view the “Rec/Activities” tab on this information website.


  • You may reserve up to 1 activity per student total for the off-campus activities. They do not have to all be signed up on the same day or for the same activity.
  • YOU MAY SIGN-UP FOR THE TOTAL NUMBER OF SPOTS EQUAL TO THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE COMING WITH YOUR GROUP TO CAMP. For example, if your group has 25 people coming to camp, you may register up to 25 tickets for pre sign-ups.
    • Your students will have the opportunity to sign-up and pay for any extra activities they want to participate in on the first night of camp.
  • You do not need to use all spots, this is just an opportunity for you to get a block of spots for your students to do together.

Reserve Activities



Q: Can we reserve entire sessions for our group?

A: You may reserve an entire session of ReBall and/or Archery Tag. Group sessions cost $75. You pay a set fee for the entire session and have exclusive use of the equipment and activity for that time frame. You are welcome to bring a large group together to participate in the activity. Our hope is that you would be able to keep a group (or whole group) of your students together in an on-campus activity.

Q: How do we make our payment?

A: You will not be making a payment at this time. Payment for all your Early Activity Registration spots must be paid for when you arrive. Any Early Activity Registration spots you have reserved that are not paid for by dinner on Sunday night will be forfeited and made available for anyone during the Sunday night activity sign-ups.

Q: Do we need release forms?

A: All of your students should already have filled out the Ocean Experience Release Form, because this form has been integrated into the online registration process for camp. We ask that everyone fill out the Mission Bay Aquatic Center Release Form, as we were not able to incorporate this into the online registration system due to their policies. These release forms are needed so they can participate in these off-campus activities, should they choose to do so, or end up deciding to do so later.

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