Missions Trips

What are Joshua Missions Trips?

True Biblical discipleship moves beyond the concept stage. The Joshua Wilderness Institute embarks on regular trips where students can turn knowledge into applicable wisdom and a Biblical worldview by working with experts in the field who embody these techniques. From building an honest view of America and its culture while evangelizing on the streets of L.A. to engaging with poverty through service in Mexico to doing skilled vocational ministry with Students International in the Dominican Republic the Joshua Wilderness Institute hopes to broaden our students horizons and instruct them how to impact the world as followers of Jesus. Finally as a capstone trip we travel to Israel to re-enforce our students understanding of the Bible by experiencing the land Jesus walked, lived and taught.


Hartland Camp

We travel just across the ridge to Hartland Christian Camp to teach the importance to helping those within our community. This trip gives our students the opportunity to serve through a variety of work projects throughout the week. Students learn servant leadership while interacting with the staff and are exposed to a philosophy of a camp different from Hume Lake.

Dominican Republic

Our second international trip is in partnership with Students International in the Dominican Republic. We love the ministry of S.I. and are honored to partner with them in their mission, which is:

  1. Enabling outreach participants and the poor to discover how God can use them in their occupation.
  2. Providing outreach participants and the poor the opportunity to be a part of ongoing ministry and not just a short outreach where follow up is difficult.
  3. Helping outreach participants and the poor understand the value of building personal relationships in sharing the Gospel.

This trip will give students the opportunity to put into practice the spiritual gifts that we’ve identified and worked on throughout the year.



Each November, we travel south of the border to take our students to serve in an orphanage in Mexico. Throughout the week, we assist in a variety of work projects, hang out with their students, and learn about the Mexican culture. This trip is a great introduction to international missions.


Los Angeles

While in Los Angeles, our students participate in a week of urban ministry. We work at homeless shelters, minister to people in the inner city, and learn more about various ethnic cultures in the surrounding area. Students also have the opportunity to share their faith in different locations, as we put into practice the evangelism skills they’ve been learning throughout the year.


In the spring we make our way to Israel for two weeks to walk in the footsteps of Christ. We spend the year studying the Bible and finish the Joshua year being able to experience it firsthand with this once in a lifetime trip. If you would like to help offset the overall cost of this trip, please contact joshuainfo@hume.org for more information.

We will be led by an experienced team from GTI Tours.

Here’s a taste of what to expect from one of our past trips to Israel.