We’ve answered a few common questions for you…

The Joshua Covenant is designed to help students focus during the year on the program at hand as well as eliminate some distractions. While we do ask students to abstain from music, dating, movies and video games for a time we do not believe they are bad in and of themselves. Rather we are asking students to put aside some of the conveniences of life for a period of time to focus on God as well as build discipline in their lives. You may download the Joshua Covenant, or feel free to email joshuainfo@hume.org if you have further questions.

The Joshua Wilderness Institute is a part of the greater ministries of Hume Lake Christian Camps, Inc. Therefore, Joshua students are required to not only follow the rules of the program but also agree to the Statement of Belief and Code of Conduct guidelines of Hume Lake Christian Camps. You may View the Hume Lake Handbook to view the Hume Lake handbook. Students are asked to agree to the policies and regulations in the Handbook.

Joshua is not accredited by design. Schools and colleges are set up to bring about knowledge and information, whereas Joshua is set up as a wisdom based curriculum focused more on the practical side of Christianity and students becoming life effective. Accreditation would introduce requirements and standards that would limit our ability to produce life effectiveness. However, students now have the opportunity to earn up to 18 units of credit within the Joshua Program through Moody Bible Institute.

Students must be at least 18 years old at the start of the program, and at most 24 years old. This is because students must be considered legal adults to participate in our international trips.

Hume Lake only provides health insurance to full-time employees. We do have a nurse and other medical personnel on-site for emergencies or minor health issues during the year, but they do not have the ability to prescribe antibiotics or other prescription medicines. During the weekend when students are working for Hume in a job capacity, they are covered by workers’ compensation for any injury related incidences. All other medical needs, therefore, need to be covered by the student’s personal health care provider.

Fresno is the nearest big city, and it is 60 miles from Hume (about an hour and a half drive). In Fresno, there are many urgent care clinics as well as pharmacies to get prescriptions filled.

During the year we will be traveling to Israel, the Dominican Republic and Mexico, and all countries require visitors to have a passport. Students must have a valid passport that is current at least nine months after Joshua ends in May in order to go on these trips.

Joshua students do not have phones in their rooms. But, every student is given the ability to set up a voicemail account. They can give you their number, and it is their responsibility to check it and call you back. Furthermore, we have multiple phone rooms available for the students to use calling cards to return phone calls. We recommend students purchase rechargeable phone cards they can use throughout the year, since cell phones do not work in the mountains. Of course, there’s always email and social media.

You can also send letters to:

Students Name – JWI
64144 Hume Lake Rd
Hume, CA 93628

Yes, we have three computers in the Joshua building connected to the internet. They are free of charge for all the students to use to check email. Wireless internet is only available for a fee in main camp at certain “hot spots” around camp.

While students are at Joshua, they are only allowed to drive their cars on their weekends off or when they go home for break. However, cars sit around a lot, and if you chose not to bring one, you can usually find a ride places with one of your classmates.

The nearest airport is in Fresno (airport code FAT). While Los Angeles and San Francisco airports are bigger and cheaper to fly into, they are both five hours from Hume.

Our policy is parents or anyone over the age of 25 is not allowed to stay at the Joshua building. However, Hume does have lodge rooms available if parents or guests over 25 would like to stay in main camp. Contact the Welcome Center at 1-800-965-4863 for more information. We do allow friends under 25 to stay on the floor in the rooms up to two nights for a small fee, and this must be cleared ahead of time by the Joshua staff.

We have found over the years that students have different preferences when it comes to reading books.  In the past, we have provided books as part of the program costs, but have found that this can be redundant for students – when we were providing hard copies, some students already owned some of the books, and when we were providing Kindles, some students already owned Kindles or equivalent e-readers. Currently, it is now the student’s responsibility to acquire their books in whatever form they prefer – hard copy, Kindle, Nook, used, borrowed, etc.

Students are able to leave Hume Lake whenever they have a weekend off as well as during different holiday breaks. A list of holiday breaks are viewable on the Joshua Wilderness calendar.

We accept 52 students (26 guys and 26 girls) each year.

Application deadline is April 1st. Applicants can still apply after the deadline but will be put on waiting list.

Acceptance, wait list, and denial emails will be sent out by April 15. For students applying after April 1, they will be added to the wait list, and will hear from us by email or phone call if a spot opens up for them.

Transforming the Life-Effectiveness of God's People

If you have any questions feel free to email us at joshuainfo@hume.org