Scholarship Fund

Thank you for your interest in donating to the Joshua Wilderness Institute. Our mission statement at Joshua, “Transforming the Life Effectiveness of God’s People” is simple. But the process by which this mission is realized is anything but. Utilizing a combination of theology, Bible study skills, philosophy and worldview training, evangelism, character development, personal life skills, and monthly mission trips, we endeavor to expose students to life, guide them to discern God’s will, and cultivate a spiritual passion and calling. It is our aim to expand the reach of that community by making the Joshua experience accessible to students who wouldn’t be able to pay for it on their own. We have created a Scholarship Fund for lower-income students and students with financial need, but we can only help people if there is money available in the fund. Please join us in helping students afford Joshua; any amount helps!

Donate Online!

We are currently updating the donation/scholarship page. In the meantime, please contact us at for help with donations and payments.

Thank you so much for supporting our students!