Admissions Details

Joshua Wilderness Institute
2018 – 2019 Class


All Inclusive Program Cost

Refundable Deposit

Prepaid Allowance

Work Study Credit

Total Payments



Confirmation Deposit (non-refundable)
$600 – Due May 15, 2018

Attendance Guarantee (refundable if spot is filled)
$4,500 – Due July 15, 2018


First Monthly payment
$1,100 – Due September 8, 2018 (Move-in Day)

Monthly Installment Payments
$1,100 – Due 15th of each month October 2018 thru April 2019
$1,100 – Last payment due May 11, 2019 (Move-out Day)


*Includes room and board, program and travel costs
**Fully refundable upon successful completion of the program and Summer Service Practicum (June thru August)
***Returned to the student as a monthly allowance over ten months.

Automatic monthly payment options available

Early departure from the program may result in additional fees being assessed.

All payments made according to the above schedule are non-refundable

Work Study Program
As part of the overall Joshua program we include a work study portion that all students are required to participate in throughout the year that not only offsets the program cost but is also designed to train and build a positive work ethic. Part of the Joshua program has been to work at Hume Lake on the weekends and summer to gain valuable skills and develop discipline and work ethic. This continues under the work study program and will directly offset the student’s program fees, contributing $6800 to program costs for each student. This is already calculated into the overall payment schedule and should not be considered an extra way to pay off the monthly or out of pocket costs of the program. In the basic sense, Hume Lake offsets $6800 per student which they work off while they attend Joshua. This lowers the upfront out of pocket costs making the program more affordable from the start. Students will also receive a $50 stipend each month for incidentals, and all other basic costs of living in the building and on trips are taken care of.

Summer Service Practicum
The 12 month Joshua Wilderness Institute program includes 9 months of traditional classroom education and work study finishing with 3 months of summer service practicum (this is also a part of the work study program). After completing the traditional Joshua program, which runs September to May, students will have a short break, then return to Hume to put what they’ve learned into action. Students will move down to main camp and work as Hume Lake summer staff with the intention of putting into practice the skills that they have developed over the year in their Ministry Skills and other classes. Learning to build community, start Bible studies, resolve conflict and lead their peers, with the Joshua staff available as resources, will prepare them as they move on to college and other real life situations. Students will also have the ability to enroll with our partnering colleges and complete the Work Ministry Internship requirements that some colleges have, earning up to six units depending on the school.

We are partnering with Moody Bible Institute’s Distance Learning program to offer up to 18 units of credit. Our Elements of Bible Study, Major Prophets, Pauline Epistles and Israel Prep classes make up 12 of those units. All students will take these classes, and if they choose to pay the Moody tuition at $210 per unit, they can receive up to 12 fully accredited, transferable units of Bible credit. Most Bible colleges and Christian universities will accept these as part of their Bible requirements, and some liberal arts universities will accept them as open elective credits. Credit is dependent on how they do in the class. Students may choose two of four additional 3 unit courses that they may complete on their own time for a potential total of 18 units.

********All costs below are not contracted costs with colleges but rather to display the current cost per unit of Christian Schools in California.  All courses for credit within the Joshua Wilderness Institute are taken through Moody Bible Institute.   Students desiring to transfer coursework or credits to other schools will go through Moody Bible Institute and send their transcripts to the school of choice for consideration.   Attending Joshua does not guarantee acceptance into any of the schools listed below or guarantee transfer credit.   These situations are all on a per person situation as well as the standards and policies of the particular institutions.

School (Average Cost Per Unit)Cost Per Unit
Biola University$1,389 per unit
Simpson College$1,020 per unit
San Diego Christian College$1,075 per unit
Fresno Pacific University$938 per unit
Moody through Joshua$210 per unit

2017-18 Class List

Pauline Epistles I


Mandatory class with the option to receive three units of Bible Credit through Moody Bible Institute at $210 per unit

An expository study of 1 and 2 Corinthians, with attention given to the background, church problems, doctrine, and practical applications of these books.

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Historical Geography of Ancient Israel


Mandatory class with the option to receive three units of Bible Credit through Moody Bible Institute at $210 per unit.

The Israel preparation class helps students get the most out of their two week trip to Israel as well as tie into the Old Testament Survey course. This class combines biblical geography, Hebrew culture, basics of the Hebrew language, as well as customs and practices of Jesus’ time. This class imparts a better understanding of the land and context in which the Bible takes place.

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Old Testament Survey

Mandatory class. Not eligible for credits.

The Old Testament Class at the Joshua Wilderness Institute has three purposes. The first is to demonstrate to students their ability to study the Old Testament scriptures on their own. Many students today are prone to ignore the OT when it comes to life application, discipleship, or evangelism because they feel that it is either too difficult to interpret or too outdate to be relevant. The first purpose of this class is to dispel that myth. The second purpose of the class is study the character of God. Similarly, when students want to understand who God is they spend the majority of their study time investigating Jesus Christ in the New Testament. While this is certainly a good way to understand God, it is not all that has been revealed about Him and to get a complete picture one must look at the Old Testament. The third and last purpose of the class is to get a clear perspective on the overarching rise and fall of man’s relationship with God as displayed in the OT. The Old Testament scriptures show such a clear pattern of man’s duality and his constant fluctuation from faithfulness to faithlessness despite God’s consistency. This pattern is important for students to understand because that same duality is present in our lives, despite God’s consistency, and an understanding of His faithfulness regardless of our failure is a major key to ongoing growth in discipleship, and the avoidance of discouragement.

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Mandatory class. Not eligible for credits.

The Joshua Theology class is designed to give students an overview of the basic doctrines of the Christian faith. Our desire is that students will walk away with not only an understanding of what it means to be a Christian but that they would own their faith and practically live out what Jesus describes in the Bible as being a disciple. This is not a quest for knowledge but rather owning ones faith and striving to understand the heart of God and what he desires from his people. During the year we will cover such topics as scripture, God, man, sin, Christ, salvation, church, and the end times.

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Elective Summer Class worth three units of Bible Credit through Moody Bible Institute at $210 per unit.

Encounter the major changes in God’s dealing with the world and His people in this key transitional book of the Bible. Trace the six major sections of the book, consider the purpose and historical context of the book, and study the major events in each section. You will learn the significance of the beginning of the church at Pentecost, the gift of tongues, Stephen’s speech, the conversion of Cornelius, the Jerusalem Council, Paul at Mars Hill and the place and purpose of baptism. Apply the material in Acts to your personal Christian life and local church. Two exams test your knowledge of the content of Acts. Two papers give you the opportunity to do an in-depth topical study of the Holy Spirit in Acts, principles of evangelism from Philip’s ministry or principles of missionary strategy.

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Christian Life and Ethics


Elective Summer Class worth three units of Bible Credit through Moody Bible Institute at $210 per unit.

Christian living is decision making. This course helps you form habits of decision making in all areas of life that will honor the Lord. It encourages the proper development of relationships, ethical decision making, the development of a biblical worldview, the Spirit-filled life, the body life of the church and healthy interpersonal relationships.

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Survey of Bible Doctrine


Elective Summer Class worth three units of Bible Credit through Moody Bible Institute at $210 per unit.

Theology is the systematic organization of what the Bible teaches. In this course, the student will study what the Bible teaches about God’s Word itself, God, Christ and the Holy Spirit. The course emphasizes using the Bible in evangelism and teaching, as well as helping others determine for themselves what the Bible teaches.

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The Church and It’s Doctrines


Elective Summer Class worth three units of Bible Credit through Moody Bible Institute at $210 per unit.

A foundational course, using primarily a Bible Doctrine approach that surveys basic doctrines of the church and their implications for life. Specifically, the course will survey Bibliology, Theology Proper, Anthropology, Angelology, Christology, Soteriology, Pneumatology, Ecclesiology and Eschatology. Special attention will be paid to key terms, concepts and biblical texts. The course also will introduce the various branches of theology.

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Hermeneutics / Bible Study Methods


Elective Summer Class worth three units of Bible Credit through Moody Bible Institute at $210 per unit.

Develop deeper and richer skills in studying the Bible. In particular, learn to deal properly with matters of context, language, special forms (parables, types, prophecy and literary genre), theological perspectives, principles, and applications. This extremely practical course has numerous learning activities to help develop these skills, two exams over the material in the course and two papers on Bible passages (1 Corinthians 3:9-17 and Luke 15:11-32) to provide in-depth experience in applying the lessons of the course.

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The Book of John


Elective Summer Class worth three units of Bible Credit through Moody Bible Institute at $210 per unit.

Come to know Jesus Christ better through the study of His life as uniquely presented by the apostle John. Learn the basic content of each chapter, follow the flow of John’s emphasis on belief throughout the book, delineate the key events and teachings of Christ, and experience personal growth in your own life through them. One exam covers the content of the book of John. The paper allows you to do a more in-depth study of a miracle of Christ or John’s teaching of Jesus as the Son of God.

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