Spiritual Emphasis

Christian School Camp for 7th - 12th grade

The Hume Lake Spiritual Emphasis program is a time set aside for students, teachers and counselors to experience the love of Jesus Christ and grow closer to Him.

Group activities, unique challenges, and times of worship break students out of their normal routines and allow them to hear God's word with a clear mind and a humble attitude. Each element of the program is designed to reinforce our core values.

Evening meetings and small group time provide solid biblical teaching and allow students to digest and wrestle with the truth in a supportive environment. Ample free time lets kids be kids and enjoy the many adventures Hume Lake has to offer.

As your ministry partner we want to help you invest in the spiritual health of your students throughout the year. Each school will return home with a packet containing ideas for chapels or spiritual emphasis weeks based on your time at camp. We'll also send a Hume speaker to your school at some point in the year to follow-up on your camp experience.

Contact our registrars to sign-up, or Jeff with any questions about the program.

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  • Jeff Brannan
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Our Core Values


Students will learn to identify and pursue a fruitful spiritual life.


Students will learn to lead by example, with a godly character based on biblical principles


Students will learn to contribute to school spirit and unity.


Jr. High students will learn to appreciate God’s creation in a hands-on environment.

Areas of Focus

Star Talk

Students will get a look at the galaxy we live in by an expert who can explain constellations and help map out the sky. We will look at it also from a spiritual perspective as we are reminded to how big God is.

Leadership Seminar

This year we will be presenting the Pointman Leadership seminar. The Pointman Leadership seminar’s mission is to provide ethics training in character-based, principled leadership. This seminar has been presented to leaders all over the world.

What does it mean to be a disciple?

The word “Talmidim” translates in Hebrew to mean “disciple”. A talmidim of the rabbi would seek with his whole heart to know everything about his Rabbi. His life would mimic that of his Rabbi. In that same way we need to follow Christ. This seminar will examine what it means and looks like to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Group Initiatives

We will be challenging the students with fun group building exercises that will grow them physically, mentally, and spiritually.

What can I expect at a Hume camp?


The gospel isn’t merely one ingredient in our programming mix. It’s the reason for everything we do. Hume speakers know young people as well as their bibles. They unwrap and animate God’s truth in ways that connect with students.


Indoor worship, outdoor worship, corporate worship, devotional worship. Hume nurtures the attitude of worship from sunrise to sunset. Just step out of your cabin, and you can’t help but acknowledge God here in the midst of His majestic creation.


For an hour a day, we let kids be kids. We call it recreation. The high-energy, innovative games at Hume Lake give campers an outlet for their energy, while providing teachers a chance to encourage team-building and leadership skills.


It is a place of great natural beauty, with warm bright summer days, cool starry nights, crisp colorful autumns, cold snowy winters, sparkling water, and woodsy wilderness surroundings.

Hume Lake’s expansive acreage and comfortable facilities in the Sequoia National Forest provide dynamic and powerful opportunities for Christian growth and fellowship in a setting rich with potential for outdoor enjoyment, challenge, recreation, and relaxation.


Hume Lake has an arsenal of age-appropriate seasonal activities for you and your students. Each afternoon during free-time they will enjoy traditional camp favorites as well as exciting new activities—all within walking distance!


The theme is a creative and practical link between the fun, entertaining aspects of camp and our presentation of the Gospel. While we believe that the theme is a critical part of the camp experience, it is our desire that by the end of camp it becomes background to the Biblical truths taught throughout the week.