Outdoor Education

Christian School Camp for 5th - 8th grade

The Hume Lake Outdoor Education program is a Christ-centered, hands-on learning experience that will instill in students a passion for Christ, a respect for His creation and an understanding of the world around them.

Nestled deep in the Sequoia National Forest with multiple bodies of water and a variety of terrains & ecosystems, Hume Lake is the perfect classroom environment in which students will experience God's creation.

Each of our outdoor adventure classes are designed to reinforce the state science standards you are teaching, while embedding our core values. Our energetic instructors will engage your students and make the learning process both fun and memorable while continually pointing students back to the creator. Time spent in chapels feature dynamic worship music, and an evening challenge from God's word by our speakers, who live out what they teach, and know how to communicate with 5th - 8th grade students.

Contact our registrars to sign-up, or Jeff with any questions about the program.

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Our Core Values


Your students will be engaged in a Christ-centered, hands-on learning environment, and our hope is that your students develop an understanding of how to care for, love, and respect God’s creation.


Sharing the message of God’s Saving Grace through Jesus Christ is the central focus for everything we do. Our prayer is that you and your students will experience the Love of Jesus, our Creator, in new and powerful ways during your week at camp

Available Classes


This class has also been referred to as “Sierra Conifers and Logging” as students will learn the basics of tree anatomy as well as help them to identify the various types of cone-bearing trees located here at Hume Lake. Trees provide us with the oxygen that is crucial for our living. God created these living giants for an important reason. Students will learn about how these trees live, and what role they play in the environment as well as the history of logging here at good ole’ Hume Lake. Students will be taken on a hike around Hume, where there will be “teaching stops” along the way and also times for the kids to participate in hands on learning.

Waterfront Ecology

Many organisms and creatures can be found in and around the waters edge. In this class, we will look at the ecology of our local freshwater waterfront here at Hume Lake, and study where the water comes from, how it sustains life, its importance to us and more. While many of us know that water is essential for daily life, students will also learn about some scaly & slimy creatures that call it their home. They will even be able to test their luck and see if they can catch some of their own creatures for themselves.


There are a variety of Reptiles & Amphibians that can be found in the forest surrounding Hume Lake. We will take a look at both native and exotic reptiles & amphibians, learning about how they are classified, what makes each of them unique, where they live (taking an up close look at some of their natural habitats), as well as how they use and help the environment around them. Students will not only learn about them, but they will get to see many of these amazing creatures live in action as we let students see, touch and interact with them.

Native American Life

For centuries, Native Americans lived in some of the harshest environments in the world without the help of our modern “conveniences”. This class focuses on the skills and abilities of Native Americans, whose resourcefulness is often unrivaled. Students step back in time to visit an authentic Indian village and explore the Indian lifestyle and legends that once existed in the Hume basin. Wobonuch Indians once lived in the local area of Hume Lake, and they had to learn to live off the land. We will take a look at their lives through their food, shelters, beliefs and customs. Understanding a culture’s past can help us understand our own.


A great faith building activity as well as a challenge, students will head out to our Rappelling Wall to try out their skills. After a safety and equipment briefing each student will be encouraged by their peers to conquer their fears and rappel all the way down.

Wilderness Survival

Not only is the ability to survive in a wilderness emergency a pre-requisite for back country travel, but you never know when you might find yourself in a situation where survival is all that matters. The keys to sustaining life are found in implementing proper list of priorities and students will learn basic survival skills and how to adapt to their surroundings to stay alive. This class will be led by trained staff into the surrounding forest to demonstrate the skills of fire building, finding shelter, acquiring food and water, how to get around in the woods, and identifying common useful plants as well as ones to avoid as students attempt to “survive” disaster scenarios.

What to expect

Stepping Out

Through our Outdoor Education Program at Hume Lake Christian Camps, your students will have the opportunity to step out of the everyday classroom, be surrounded by God’s beautiful creation, and engage in a variety of hands-on outdoor adventure classes. While in their outdoor adventure classes, your students will learn about the complex and unique characteristics of a variety of environments and ecosystems, as well as other aspects of the beautiful creation around them. They will also learn how to care for creation, and most importantly, be challenged to have a genuine love and passion for the Creator, Jesus Christ.

Diving In

Developing this Passion for the Creator is accomplished in all aspects of our program: dynamic worship music and powerful biblical teaching in our chapels; breakout sessions and cabin discussion groups where you have time to process with your students what they have been learning at camp; Biblical and spiritual applications made during the adventure classes; time spent memorizing God’s Word and doing the daily devotionals; and our high energy recreation and activities. We also purposefully hire uniquely gifted staff members who love the Lord and are a passionate about sharing His Love with others. Ultimately, all aspects of camp are here to point you and your students to Christ, our Creator.

Your Classroom

As we do this, we are working hard to reinforce the standards that you are teaching, and creating common educational experiences as building blocks for the teaching you have done and will do in the classroom everyday.

Our Playground

In addition to the outdoor adventure classes, your students will have opportunities to participate in a variety of afternoon free time activities, as well as some high energy recreation games. We work hard to create a safe and exciting environment, intentionally providing opportunities for students to build lasting relationships with each other, and with you, their teacher.

Their Relationships

The activities and recreation games your students participate in are a great way for them to not only have fun together but to also build relationships with each other. These also allow your students to get to know you in a new way, outside of the classroom. Our hope is that together your class will develop a deeper love for each other and for Christ. And our prayer is that as those relationships grow, walls and barriers begin to come down, and you will see your students open their hearts up to the Lord as they become not only ready, but eager, to hear from Him.

His Praise

Because we are so passionate about sharing the life-changing power of the gospel, your students will spend time each day in chapel lifting their voices to the Lord through dynamic worship music and having our speaker challenge them from God’s Word. Every day you are also given time in your cabin groups to pray together and discuss with your students what they are learning and how they will put it into practice at home.

We would be honored to have you and your students join us in the Fall or Spring for our Outdoor Education Program.