Marriage Retreat

January 1, 1970

With all the business of life it’s sometimes hard to take time out for the things that matter the most. Our marriage retreats are intended to minimize distractions and maximize quality time with your spouse and your creator. You can expect clear Biblical teaching aimed at couples as well as genuine heartfelt worship.

We have a whole host of optional activities available to you and your spouse, but sometimes the best activity is inactivity. It’s up to you what is more relaxing and encouraging to your relationship. Hume offers activities such as a High Adventure Course, going on an off-road tour, sitting by a fire at night or taking that long deserved rest from any activity at all. Our goal is that these retreats would give you what you need to reconnect with your spouse and reconnect with Christ.

  • What our guests have to say
    "The highlight was spending time with my spouse."
  • What our guests have to say
    "Our 1st experience here was great and we would definitely return."
  • What our guests have to say
    "We loved it! An experience that we will never forget."
  • What our guests have to say
    "The time together was special; in this busy world it’s hard to take time."
  • What our guests have to say
    "Our friends came with us this year…it was the best."
  • What our guests have to say
    "Relaxing, renewing, learning, loving, and worshipping! Awesome."


Hume exists to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Hume’s very mission statement expresses our desire that each person coming into contact with this ministry will learn of the love and power of a life lived in Christ. We believe that in this message lies the only hope for a world desperately searching for something more. Hume Ministries is committed to reaching the lost for Jesus Christ.


As a Para-church organization, Hume seeks to serve the local church. Hume’s programs offer a Christian response to today’s culture through recreation, video, music, onstage speakers and presentations, which all work to introduce people to the Lord Jesus Christ in a way that is unexpectedly refreshing. The Hume environment is designed to minister to new believers while also encouraging those who are saved to pursue God in a new and deeper way.


Nestled in the Sequoia National Forest, 365 acres of God’s creation provides the perfect backdrop for a life changing experience. While our facilities include multiple chapels, dining halls, pools, recreating lawns, ropes courses and deluxe accommodations; most important are the majestic setting and solitude where you can hear God speak to you. Hume’s facilities have been designed to provide everything you need for a comfortable and enjoyable retreat experience.


True life-transformation requires more than a fun mountaintop experience. Simply serving the local church by sharing the Gospel isn’t enough. We understand that true transformation is the work of the Holy Spirit. It’s our role to diligently and prayerfully prepare our staff, programs and facilities and then depend on God to work in the hearts of his people.

The purpose of meetings, seminars and activities at Hume Lake Christian Camps is to educate and inspire attendees with Biblical teaching and instruction. We also desire to follow government guidelines which require attendance at meetings for organized camps and educational organizations. Your participation at these meetings is necessary for us to accomplish these goals. Please plan to attend all meetings.

Hume Lake Christian Camps operates outfitting and guiding services and recreational events in the Sequoia National Forest under a special use permit with the United States Forest Service, and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, or national origin.