Temperature Screening

At all Hume locations

Ongoing Screening at Camp

Thermal System ComponentsWhile at camp, Hume will be checking all campers for high skin temperatures once a day, normally at breakfast, and more often if needed. A high temperature may be an indicator of fever. See our COVID Preparedness Plan for more information.

To efficiently check temperatures without disrupting campers’ time at camp, we selected a thermal camera skin temperature system. The system is simple. An infrared thermal camera connected to a computer displays the temperature of each person walking past while a nurse monitors for any abnormal readings that may indicate a fever. The system is constantly calibrating, and accurate to within ±0.3ºC. But like any skin temperature monitor, it does not account for recent physical activity or other factors that may raise skin temperature. If a high reading is detected, the nurse may ask the student to step aside for a manual reading or quick evaluation. For privacy, we do not record any video or data from the thermal camera system. It is only used for a nurse to passively monitor. In essence, it functions as a less intrusive, long distance (2-10ft), and much quicker version of a handheld scanner. We’re grateful to Inspectra Thermal Solutions for helping us choose and deploy our system.

The temperature station at the Ponderosa Dining Hall

This method of taking skin temperature has been very successful at all locations we have implemented it, and has allowed for much more frequent and complete skin temperature checking than possible with other means. For any technical questions about the system, please contact Hume and ask for Hume IT. For any questions regarding our precautions and response plan, please contact us using the information below.

Hume is committed to the health and safety of all our guests and staff.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
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