Hume Hawaii is a camp for Hawaii’s youth grades 6-12 that blends together an epic camp experience with some of the most beautiful locations in the world. Rock solid teaching and worship, high-energy recreation, food, free-time and friends create memories that last and will leave an impression that won’t fade.

Why Choose Hume?

Clear Gospel Message

The gospel isn’t just one ingredient in our programming. It’s the reason for everything we do.
Hume speakers know teenagers as well as their bibles. They unwrap and animate God’s truth in ways that connect with students. Students will hear the gospel of Jesus in chapels and talks, then wrestle with it in seminars, breakouts, and all those unscripted moments between youth pastors and students that a Hume camping experience delivers.

Dynamic Worship

Indoor worship, outdoor worship, corporate worship, devotional worship—we do it all.
Hume nurtures the attitude of worship from sunrise to sunset. Personal quiet times, small-group prayer, group worship—you’ll have plenty of options for exalting the lord, for listening to him too. We love having musicians selected for their giftedness in bringing students into the presence of the lord.


The theme is a creative and practical link between the fun, entertaining aspects of camp and our presentation of the Gospel.
While we believe that the theme is a critical part of the camp experience, it is our desire that by the end of the week it becomes background to the Biblical truths taught throughout the week. The daily videos, recreation team names, and Spirit Day, are some of the programming elements we use to capture campers’ attention, win their trust, and direct their focus to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


The high-energy, innovative games at Hume Lake give campers an outlet for their energy, while providing counselors a chance to encourage team-building and leadership skills.
Game-winning teams are awarded points throughout the week, and on spirit day you can dress up to multiply your points to give your team the cutting edge! While all campers receive a free “rec” shirt, only the winning team gets the coveted “champion” shirt.

Local Ministry

Your youth pastor—not us or any other ministry resource provider—knows your youth group best.
We run camp in order to give youth pastors freedom to do what they do best—relate to students, listen, offer guidance, love. To that end, we free them up from the myriad details required for a successful, memorable camping experience—the programming, lodging, meals, recreation, speakers, music. They do enough of that anyway. So this time, we’ll do the footwork while your youth pastors’ minister to your students. After all, when Jesus left this planet, he left behind a church, not a camp.


March 20-23, 2018

A spring break camp on Oahu that your students will never forget!

2018 Spring Hawaii Theme


Spring Hawaii Registration



Per Camper or Counselor

Counselors must be age 18 or older

For 2018 Spring Oahu registration information,
please email Marilyn Tounger


Rich Baker

Spring Hawaii Location


2018 Summer Theme

The most well known verse in the Bible is John 3:16, “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life.” But has our familiarity of this verse caused us to lose sight of its significance? Do we fully understand God’s love and purpose for humanity from the very beginning of time? This summer we will focus on God’s redemptive plan throughout the grand narrative of scripture as He rescues His people from the curse of sin and will one day restore all things. Our hope is that as we seek to know God more, our love for Him will grow which result in a life fully surrendered to him.

Kujua Trailer


Download Kujua logo, posters, projection slides and more!

Maui Week 1

June 4-8, 2018

High School Camp

Counselors must be age 18 or older

For pricing and registration information, please contact:
Marilyn Tounger


Chris Simning


Maui Week 2

June 11-15, 2018

Middle School Camp

Counselors must be age 18 or older

For pricing and registration information, please contact:
Marilyn Tounger


Mingo Palacios



June 18-22, 2018
  • FOR CAMPERS 6th-12th GRADE
  • Counselors must be age 18 or older

For pricing and registration information, please contact:
Marilyn Tounger


Matt Davis



Please contact Marilyn Tounger // // (559) 305-7461

Please contact Marilyn Tounger // (559) 305-7461

Please contact Marilyn Tounger
(559) 305-7461


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