Transforming the life effectiveness of God’s people

Joshua students are ready to do whatever it takes to serve the Lord with their whole life. They are willing to look at any area of their life that isn’t meeting that standard, and bring it in line with spiritual and personal discipline. We guide them through this process with biblical classroom curriculum, local and international missions, and day-to-day life in community

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“Joshua is the hardest thing I have ever done. That said, it is the best experience I have ever had. My faith was really tested and proved while in Joshua, and it taught me what it means to truly love for Christ in every aspect. It stretches you to your breaking point and the snaps you back like a rubber band. Grace is an integral part of the program, and through being shown grace you grow closer to Christ and each other.“

Daniel Bartlett, Class of 2013

“I learned our God is a God of the desert and He is always there even when I don’t see Him moving in whatever season of life I am in. Joshua taught me to have heart and walk humbly because love has no language barrier and to serve wholeheartedly for Christ wherever He is calling me to.“

Jacob Bailey, Class of 2014