Wagon Train

Camp for 8-11 year-olds

Summer 2019

Why choose Wagon Train?

Clear Gospel Message

The gospel isn’t merely one ingredient in our programming mix. It’s the reason for everything we do.

Exciting Theme

The theme is a practical link between the entertaining aspects of camp and our presentation of the Gospel. We leverage it as a background to Biblical truth.


The high-energy, innovative games at Hume Lake give campers an outlet for their energy and counselors a chance to encourage team-building.


Hume Lake has an arsenal of activities for you and your students. Each afternoon during free time we PLAY.

The Local Church

We believe children's pastors know their kids groups best. In light of that, we run camp in order to give children's pastors the freedom to focus on their kids.

Energetic Worship

Campfire worship, morning prayer, and marveling at God’s creation. We nurture the attitude of worship from sunrise to sunset.

Amazing Location

Hume is a place of great natural beauty, with warm summer days, cool nights, an amazing lake and wilderness surroundings. God makes cool stuff.


Wagon Train is a fun, rustic summer camp for kids age 8-11 years old, entering 3rd through 6th grades. This Old West experience includes sleeping in a real covered wagon, learning Archery and BB guns, riding canoes and kayaks around the pond and exploring Fort Logan (our three-story island fort). 

But the fun doesn’t stop there! Camp-wide recreation games like Capture the Flag, the Water Carnival and our awesome night game Stampede will have you talking about camp for years to come. You’ll also sit around a campfire singing worship songs, memorize scripture, watch amazing skits about the Bible performed by the Wagon Train staff and hear each morning and evening the Good News of Jesus and his love for us. We almost forgot to mention: D&G tag, Chipmunk rappelling rock, Trading Post, and a tree house fit for a king: Burnside Manor. You’ll experience all this and more, like great food, friends and fun.

Some older mapping services will suggest you take the 245. It is a curvy, winding road that will take you at least an additional hour. DO NOT take 245!

If you’d like to orient yourself to the camp before arriving, download this PDF of the Hume Lake campus map.


  • Sleeping bag
  • Pillow
  • Twin bed sheet
  • Alarm clock (battery powered)


  • Pants
  • Shorts
  • Swim Shorts/Swimsuit (one piece)
  • Sweatshirt (hooded)
  • T-shirts
  • Dark/camo clothing for night game
  • Shoes – regular use
  • Shoes – to get wet
  • Socks – bring extra
  • Sandals- for pool and shower times only
  • Underclothes
  • Hat


  • Towel/Beach Towel
  • Soap/Shampoo
  • Personal hygiene


  • Bible
  • Pen/Paper
  • Flashlight
  • Batteries
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug Spray
  • Camera and batteries
  • Water bottle
  • Decorating supplies for wagon clean up

Wagon Train is a closed camp. This is for the safety and enjoyment of every camper. We ask that family and friends not visit during the week. If necessary, parents may schedule a proper meeting with their child by contacting the Administration Office and making arrangements.


Here’s how you’ll need to address your letter/package:

Wagon Train – [Camp Dates]
[Camper Name] – [Church registered with]
64144 Hume Lake Rd
Hume, CA 93628

For example:
Wagon Train – June 15-21
Johnny Smith – ABC123 Church
64144 Hume Lake Rd
Hume, CA 93628

IMPORTANT: Please send five days prior to desired delivery date!

A doctor and a nurse is provided for each week of camp and there is a volunteer fire dept on-site with two on-call EMT staff daily. There is a fully-stocked First Aid station with 24 hour access to counselors. A registered nurse administers and ensures all daily medications are given to campers.

There is no cell reception at Hume Lake or pay phone at Wagon Train. There is only access to a phone for Church business and Emergencies. Campers are not allowed to make non-emergency calls during their week at camp.

The Trading Post supplies only crafts and snacks for purchase during freetime 2-5pm daily. It does not supply camper personal items. These are available in the General Store in Main Camp if forgotten.

Money for additional snacks and crafts may be added to the camper account through the registration page. All camp activities are included at no additional cost.

Warm, hot days & cool, cold nights. Rarely rains, if ever.

10 beds per wagon, Each bed has a personal shelf. Four large areas underneath each wagon for luggage storage.

2019 Summer Theme

Why Hootenanny?

This year at Wagon Train we want students to understand that Christ follow-
ers… follow Christ. Although many people in our world say they are a

“Chris-tian”, they often don’t really know what following Christ looks like.
Even the apostles themselves wrestled with the question of how to follow a
God that they couldn’t see! This summer we will have a rip-roarin’ good time
as we bust out our banjos, harmonicas, and washtub basses and explore the
lives of those earliest Christ followers to see what it really means to follow


Need some materials to help promote this event at your church, club or group? We’ve got you covered!

Open Registration will begin Tuesday, October 23, 2018 at 10:00 AM PST


Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable

You Bring a Counselor


per camper


per counselor

We Provide a Counselor


per camper

Deposit Policy

We have updated our Deposit Policy to reflect the following changes:

  1. Deposit #1 will be $35/spot
  2. Deposit #2 will be an additional $100/spot (a total of $135/spot). This deposit is due 130 days prior to your date of arrival for camp.
  3. Deposit #3 (the final deposit) will be an additional $100/a spot (a total of $235/spot). This deposit is due 60 days prior to your date of arrival at camp.
  4. If any deposits are not made by the specified due date, then our Registration Department will be contacting you. Full payment for your balance will be due 30 days prior to your date of arrival at camp.
Cancellation Policy

We have updated our Cancellation Policy to reflect the following changes:

  1. If and when you are needing to cancel any spots, It will forfeit the full deposit per spot for what Iha deposit Is at Iha time of cancellation.
  2. If we are able to fill your spot off of Iha waiting list up until 30 days prior we will only charge a $5/spot cancellation fee.
  3. If any spot is canceled within 30 days of your date or arrival for camp it will forfeit the total cost of camp per spot that Is canceled.


June 9-15

Week 1


June 16-22

Week 2

June 23-29

Week 3

June 30-July 6

Week 4

July 7-13

Week 5

July 14-20

Week 6

July 21-27

Week 7

July 28-August 3

Week 8

August 4-10

Week 9

August 11-17

Week 10


Please contact Hume Registration // register@hume.org // (559) 305-7770

Please contact Hume Registration
register@hume.org // (559) 305-7770

Questions? Please contact
Hume Registration
(559) 305-7770


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